what is your take on the girl who had the quintuplets?

I think I have this right...anyway 8 babies, plus 6 more at home. I must admit I was ok with this UNTIL I found out that she was living off welfare, and living with her parents. I am completely against people having babies and living off our money. and why did our money pay for this woman to be artificially inseminated, why did and would Medicaid pay for this, when she is single and living off our tax dollars?


thats right oct. forgive me.

Update 2:

she is not married, but yet the fahter is in the military. I just don't understand why people who need govt help cant get it, but yet a single parent who already has 6 children and living with her parents, why would the govt. pay for this woman to produce 8 babies. I guess having mutiple children is the new govt. job.

Update 3:

where I am from in the south our state average for payout for welfare is at the min. $400 per child, but usually higher. This is one heck of an income this girl is bringing in, we can say at the least she is bringing in $5600 a month and this is tax free money.....how many of you make this every month and do not have taxes taken out.

Update 4:

NO I am not suggesting that she have an abortion, what I am saying to you idiots, is that it is irresponsible of the govt. to spend money for a single mom of 6, to pay for this girl to be artifically inceminated

Update 5:

rthimble.....finally someone who gets it!

Update 6:

GEEZ people, please read the entire post.....I never said for her to get an abortion.....I am saying that it is irresponsible for the govt. to pay for this procedure, when she already has 6 kids living on welfare, and now she has added 8 more, that is 14 kids plus herself living off our tax dollars. The father and the mother are not married, he is in the military, and will soon be shipped overseas. WOW, being single and having mutiple children is a very profitable business here.

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  • Greg
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    1 decade ago
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    You've got to be kidding me! And yet my health insurance--for which I myself pay with money I myself earn--won't pay for birth control pills. Unfreakingbelievable.

    Source(s): What about my rights as a taxpayer? I would love to have more kids--but we stick with the two we can afford to raise. People need a big lesson on their "rights" versus their "responsibilities." And to Mr. Jimmy John Whatever below: Did you not see the part about her being INTENTIONALLY artificially inseminated???? This is not some 19-year-old who got knocked up and now needs help while she tries to get on her feet. This is a woman who KNEW what she was doing. And now WE are stuck paying the bill. See the problem, smart guy?!
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What a horrible question.You wanted her to get an abortion? Or perhaps you wanted her to have had access to birth control . . .

    You should approve of Obama's funding for birth control, then. Or if not, be pro-choice. Or, if both, then approve of funding to help her raise the kids.

    She is a single mother. Perhaps her husband LEFT her to deal with 8 children. You want her to suffer, raising 8 children by herself? You think of it as it is automatically her fault that she left him . . . .

    I am not insulting either her or the father, but rather looking at it pragmatically: she is a single person with 8 children - she needs some help. I bet you are a happily married, nuclear-family conservative, am I right? Sorry to burst your bubble, but life is not all roses and cupcakes. What if YOUR husband cheats on YOU?

    I find it disgusting the amount of self-righteous answers on here. How can you be prolife when you want her 8 kids to starve? Let's be pragmatic again: either she gets welfare or her kids starve. You prolife? Be a man and pay your taxes to support the children, then. You can't go on about a rhetoric of pro-life while simultaneously refusing to help single mothers. Hypocrisy . . . what Jesus warned about

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    This is just wrong ! I'm with you on this I want to know why medicaid would pay for this procedure to produce children who will live on welfare. So many young people in this nation wait years and spend a fortune to adopt a child or to have Inverto, because they can't get pregnant and we would actually allow this to happen !

    Somebody needs to answer for this !

    We are not suggesting an abortion we are saying that tax dollars should not have paid to plant all those eggs or even one egg in her if she is on welfare !

  • 1 decade ago

    Totally irresponsible!

    Sometimes I think China has the right idea with their one child policy.

    Artificial insemination should be available only to 'families' who have trouble conceiving ... not for fun. The doctors responsible for this outrage should be made accountable for this ... perhaps they could pay for the cost of rearing 8 babies out of their own fat salaries!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Leave her alone. That women is going through enough right now. Lets look at it this way. She has 8 mostly healthy babies. Its a blessing.

  • 1 decade ago

    She has 14 kids! She NEEDS the Welfare! BTW it's Octuplets.

  • 1 decade ago

    That was the first thing that I wondered. Where's the father of these 14 children? This is sickening.

  • 1 decade ago

    Um.. no, dear, that's octuplets. Quintuplets = 5 babies... Sextuplets = 6 babies. That you can't even get that right with no links.. priceless.

    I say, God bless her.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Quint = 5

    Are you a child who was left behind?

  • 1 decade ago

    lol at Edna....

    I don't get conservatives.. she had the babies and now you are complaining, but if she had an abortion, she would be an evil woman.

    There's just no winning.

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