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Which dog food brand should I feed my pitbull puppies for an affordable price.?

Please dont tell me to buy wellness Innova or Solid Gold because the prices is rediculous thank you I need help.

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    The best food I know for the money is National. I pay $35 for a 50 pound bag of the Competition Xtra formula. It was developed for working sled dogs and other canine athletes. Because they don't do much advertising they don't need to mark up the food as much. Your puppies would do well on either the puppy formula or the Competition Xtra formula. They have several foods for adult dogs depending on the dog's activity level. Read their web site, especially the part about their low temperature cooking process. It doesn't destroy nutrients with heat and the grains are more completely cooked which makes them more easily digested. If you can't find a dealer, call the company. The dealer locator on the web site is not up to date. If National is too expensive, look at Kasco. Its a small step down in quality for a low price.

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    Innova EVO is the best. Actually, it's one of the best dog foods you could feed. It's a grain-free food. Second in line would be Canidae, which is also a pretty high quality food. The rest of the foods you listed are low quailty foods so I would avoid them. Edit: I've just noticed this... but why do you have a puppy that is too young to be away from it's mother? In most places, it isn't even legal to remove a puppy from it's mother before 8 weeks of age. Darksong~

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    Emmalou s Homemade Kitchen is an all natural, human grade dog food. It s a perfectly balanced dog food which was given a 5 out of 5 star rating on Food Advisor s website and is listed in Woman s Day Magazine s top 20 dog foods. Check out Emmalou s Homemade Kitchen.

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    Want to feed your dog a good quality, but with a cheaper price? Here are some suggestions. :

    Diamond NATURALS - Feed Store

    Kirkland Signature - Costco

    Chicken Soup for the Dog Lovers Soul -

    My dogs are eating Diamond NATURALS, and they love it! If you decide to go with Diamond, make sure you get the NATURAL kind, the regular stuff is crap!

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    If you're not willing to put out the money to feed your dog a good qualtiy food, why do you care? Feed him anything, cause if you don't go high quality you're just feeding him crap anyway.

    Purina, Beneful, Store bought science diet... you may as well be taking your pet to McDonalds and buy them Big Macs, only with meat by products instead of actual meat.

    these foods are full of corn (a high gas filler that can not only cause gastric issues, but is known to be a cause of skin allergies, especially in pits.), Soy, (Major allergent), by products (which is everything BUT meat), food colors over vitamins, and water.

    and no you do NOT feed your puppy adult dog food unless you want them to get fat and sick.

    Adult dogfoods (the good ones) are too high in protiens and certain vitamins puppies are not ready for.

    This is not the wild, these are domesticated animals... there is very little "wild" left in domestic dogs. You can not feed them as if they are wild animals.

    plus there's a big difference from eating a live kill in the wild with the blood still pumping through it, and processed freeze dried food in a bag.

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    I suggest feeding a RAW diet. My 2 are on a raw diet (8month old APBT and 3month old APBT) and they are thriving. Nutro Puppy and Royal Canin Large Breed Puppy (or Bulldog puppy formula) are also good choices if you do not want to spend 10-15 minutes preparing meals for them 3 times a day.

    Whatever brand you choose, make sure it is wheat and gluten free, and make sure the first listed ingredient is a protein (chicken, lamb, etc).

    Source(s): -- the raw suppliment I use
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    Anything that starts with a protein (and not a "meal") is off to a good start.

    Every protein source contains different levels of amino acids and each protein is different in its ability to be broken down into amino acids. So not all proteins are created equal. Some are better for pets than others. The ability of a protein to be used by the body and its amount of usable amino acids is summarized as protein quality (biological value). Egg has the highest biological value and sets the standard for which other proteins are judged. Egg has a biological value of 100. Fish meal and milk are close behind with a value of 92. Beef is around 78 and soybean meal is 67. Meat and bone meal and wheat are around 50 and corn is 45. Things like hair and feathers would be very high in protein but would be down at the bottom of the list for biological value.

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    If you have a costco membership card you could get that puppy food. The costco food is much better than most dog foods. I have spoken to a few dog trainers and they said that the food is very good for dogs.

  • If price is an issue, I generally recommend the Kirkland food from Costco. The price is reasonable, and it is higher in quality than many more expensive brands, like ProPlan, Iams, or pretty much anything you find in Petsmart.

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    Not when you think of the amount you feed of good quality kibble in comparison to dog food with a whole load of fillers in it.

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