I want to replace my vista OS with Red Hat, how do i delete the current OS before installing the new one?

I just hate vista and this one is filled with spyware and viruses. Also, please recommend ways to keep the Red Hat OS secure. Thanks much

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    Just go ahead, put it in and it will repartition and reformat your hard drive. It will do a very very thorough reformat and there will be no trace of Vista left on your system. You can install ClamAV and rkhunter to help beef up security but your system will be running selinux which was actually developed by the National Security Agency. Believe me, that will make your system safer.

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    Red Hat is a Linux distribution for company's and I would not recommend it for new users, if you are a experienced computer user try Fedora from the same makers as Red Hat or the more popular Ubuntu which I'm running with great happiness. Linux doesn't get viruses because there aren't a lot written for it, so no need on scanners.

    All you need to do to keep it secure is respecting the root privileges and use a firewall on a router then you are secure.

    As for deleting Vista, that you can do with the partitioner shipped on your Linux CD, which is in most cases a Live CD so you can visit websites while your PC is installing :).

    Oh and mind that it's NOT Windows and most of your .exe files don't run on it, some you can run trough WINE(wine.org) and there are many good and even better alternatives for Linux.

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    Don't use Red Hat. That's for the enterprise, not the home user.

    Use Fedora Core 10 instead, which is also produced by Red Hat but for home users.

    Antivirus won't be useful, but you should still be careful what you do (don't enable extra network services like OpenSSH unless you know how to secure them, back up regularly, and have strong passwords).

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    If you got Red hat on a CD. It will give you the option to format before installing. Just set up your CD or DVD drive as your first boot device in the bios

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  • 1 decade ago

    red hat SUCKS

    all kind of linux SUCKs

    the only thing linux is good for is a server

    installing programs is like taking everything out of box and putting it all together and u have to use commands.. they are hard 2 use

    and the other thing there is barely any programs that work with it

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