I've been eating a lot of junkfood and I am on birth control and crutches?

I just ate MC DONALDS and yesterday I ate Panda Express and sugary breads. Right now I am on birth control to regulate my period and I am on crutches because I twisted m ankle. I am 5'4 and 123lbs. I have a big butt and big thighs - I want to stop eating before I get really chunky. What do I do to stayyyyy away from junk food??

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    i used to be like that, mcD's every week, chips, take ways etc, but i just taught myself not to eat crap :P

    i found things that i like just as much that are healthy=]

    stuff like :

    steamed/boiled veg : >> carrots,potatoes,peas,parsnips etc

    and with them u dont hav eto east them just as they are you could mae a suop, stu, anything u want lol

    also fish with batter /breadcrumbs and chicken without skin are the healthiest meats to eat, also boiled eggs.

    snacks are easy too, special K bars, dried fruits, (raisons,saltanas,dates,) etc

    fresh fruit too=] im addicted to apples and grapes much nicer than chocolate or something like that

    also banannas are a good source of energy and melons, mango's or pinapples are reeaallly nice:D

    for breakfasts you could have ::

    wholemeal toast (trust me its much nicer than white toast) with honey instead of something like choc spread

    boiled egg with wholemeal toast

    special K

    weetabix with no sugar, just saltanas

    porridge oats with honey

    and to keep away from those fast food cravings, what helped me were that i kept reading about diet and losing weight etc to make me motivated to not eat crap lol also finding alternatives are good


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    Sometimes birth control has an affect on your appetite. Have you just recently started taking it? Might want to keep an eye on it. Try to find better substitutes for the junk food: fresh fruit and veggies, low fat frozen yogurt, pita chips. Try to stay away from fast food as much as possible. It's fattening, full of sodium, and not very nutritionally balanced, which means that you'll be hungry again in no time. Eat high-fiber foods like oatmeal and whole grain bread and make sure you're getting enough protein. Good luck and best wishes for quick healing of the ankle!

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    Eat fiber rich foods and drink water or crystal light. Once off the crutches time to start exercising.

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    WORK OUT!!!!!!!!!!! when i started going to the gym i was 120 it took me 3 months to be 100 and i didnt diet AT ALL i ate junk food and sweets and everything and still lost weight cuz i was working out everyday

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    WILLPOWER Its hard sometimes if you really need something sweet grad a stick of gum.

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