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What is the best solution to Diabetic Neuropathy in hands and feet?

I have recently developed Diabetic Neuropathy in my feet and it keeps me up at night with the pain. I am using a prescription called "voltaren" which my doctor suggested, but it only partially works. Is there anyone who has found a better solution?

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    B vitamins and folic acid.

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    A drug called Neurontin. You gradually build up dose you take. Ask your Dr. YOU CAN NOT STOP TAKING IT WITHUT WEANING YOUR SELF OFF OF IT EITHER> ALSO- what helps me more than anything is simple foot stretching excercises when I lay down and before I get up, Takes 1 minute. Just flex your toes upward 10 times. Sounds totally weird, but I do not have to take anymore meds for diabetic neuropathy. I am doing excellent.

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    I took tegretol and Mecobalamin (Special Vitamin B12) and of course Tramadol a painkiller. If your doctor didn't prescribe the painkiller , change Doctors. He does not understand how we suffer. Also getting blood sugars in control is also the Key.

    Good luck my friend.

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    Monitor your blood glucose levels. If you have diabetes, monitoring your blood glucose levels will help keep your blood glucose under control and may help improve your neuropathy.

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    Have your doctor prescribe Cymbalta. It works for me.

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