How do you say "SEXY" in diff. languages?

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    Sei Molto Sexi------italian

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    Sexy In Different Languages

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    Italian: Ti amo Spanish: Te amo French: Je t'aime Korean: Saranghae

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    How do you say "SEXY" in diff. languages?

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    Arabic = مثير (motheer) or جَذّاب (Jathab)

    Bulgarian = секси (sek-si)

    Chinese = 性感 (shuainan)

    Croatian = seksi

    Czech = sexy

    Danish = sexet

    Dutch = sexy

    English = sexy

    Finnish = seksikäs

    French = sexy

    German = sexy

    Greek = σέξι (sexy)

    Hindi = सेक्सी (garam) or "sexy" (borrowed)

    Italian = sexy

    Japanese = セクシー (sekushii)

    Korean = 섹시 (sekshi)

    Norwegian = sexy

    Polish = sexy

    Portuguese = sexy

    Romanian = sexy

    Russian = секси (sek-si)

    Spanish = sexy

    Swedish = sexig

    Source(s): Polyglot (noun) - someone who uses two or more languages
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    5 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site

    French is the sweetest(i'm a guy so i would know) French:Je t'aime American Sign Language:stick out your thumb, pinky and index finger at the same time Tagalog:Mahal kita

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    In swedish sexy means either sexig or sexigt.

    If a person is sexy, then you always use sexig.

    But if you want to say "That is sexy", the correct sentence would be "Det är sexigt".

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    Sei davvero sexy!

    It's italian

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    In Finnish: Seksikäs

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    1 decade ago

    In Russian::

    сексуальная (female) - seksual'naya

    сексуальный (male) - seksual'nyj

    сексуальные (plural) - seksual'nye

    Source(s): I'm Russian:)
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