How to recharge my toshiba laptop in car?


Is there any way to recharge my toshiba laptop in car?

I Can read on my charger adapter : output:19V 3.95A

input : 100-240V 1.3A

Please anyone could provide me with the necessary information to be able to recharge my laptop in car?

Thank you


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    You will need an inverter. You can buy one at Watts=Volts X Amps therefore 120 Volts X 1.3 Amps= 156 watts. This means you will need to buy at least a 156 watt inverter to plug into your car cigarette lighter. I use a 375 watt inverter in my car just to be sure I have enough power. The Tripp-Lite PV375 does a very good job. I have tried the Belkin and a few others and they were all very poor compared to the Tripp-Lite I use all the time.

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    Buy a power inverter with at least an 85 watt rating, plug it into your cigarette lighter and plug your laptop into it.

    Your car is not capable of supplying the proper voltage or amperage to charge your laptop without a power inverter.

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    Buy a car a/c adapter, but to conserve dont listen to music or watch videos and dont use bluetooth should save some energy and it doesnt have to be on the whole 9hrs does it spend sometime looking at the scenery or w/e is outside the car window

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    if you go where they sell the charger they will tell you

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