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Prominent American Jewish Leader: All Israel’s Excuses Were Lies?

Henry Siegman, former national director of the American Jewish Congress and of the Synagogue Council of America said:

“Western governments and most of the Western media have accepted a number of Israeli claims justifying the military assault on Gaza: that Hamas consistently violated the six-month truce that Israel observed and then refused to extend it; that Israel therefore had no choice but to destroy Hamas’s capacity to launch missiles into Israeli towns; that Hamas is a terrorist organization, part of a global jihadi network; and that Israel has acted not only in its own defense but on behalf of an international struggle by Western democracies against this network.”

“let me state bluntly that EACH OF THESE CLAIMS IS A LIE.”

What is your opinion of this?


Judy M: I have a duty, so does every decent human being, to speak out against the genocide Israel committed in Gaza. The Israeli blockade on Gaza is still on. The donations being made are not being allowed in. The crime has not stopped. And the world is still complicit with Israel.

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    Some of your responders appear not to have actually read the link you gave, which is a pity.

    Had they, they would have found that Mr. Seigman gave verifiable references and sources, and that most of them were of Israeli origin. They would have found that they are flying in the face of evidence when they suggest that Israel has adopted an honest and defensive agenda when they have, in fact, been the aggressors in recent weeks.

    It scarcely matters if one has no concern for the human suffering within Gaza that all of this has resulted in.

    However, if one has any compassion, one owes it to oneself to look at uncomfortable facts before assessing and condoning the abhorrent behaviour of Israel.

    The stranglehold that the Israelis have on Gaza, in the form of its blockade, continues to cause much unnecessary misery, and has worsened.

    If they believe that this is the way to achieve a long term peace, I am positive they are mistaken. It is merely the cause of further resentment, increasing anger, and further determination not to succumb to the long held Israeli wish for Palestinians to go quietly into the night, disappear and surrender their rights to land, life and freedom from oppression.

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    What a brilliant article, I wonder how long it will take all the Israeli apologist's to brand Seigman an Idiot, it quite clearly shows the Israel don't want peace with Hamas but just to keep their stranglehold on the Palestinian people, no surprise as well that the Bush administration new about everything and backed the Israeli's no matter what, let's hope Barak Obama clearly gets to understand the situation and pressures the Israeli government to make peace with the Palestinians.

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    I understand that Yehoshua means something like "tha saver" in a hebrew dialect so probably this rabbi never "converted" to christianity, just was expecting the "real messiah" because jews don't recognize Jesus as the messiah. Probably this rabbi was obsessioned about the "messiah issue!" all his life and sounds quite natural that he should have felt some inner revelations (dilusions?) about it before dying at 108! At this point, after 7 years in coma, the life and death of Ariel Sharon has no trascendence.

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    Lies and half truths abound on both sides. Those who hate justify their actions and words by any means because "it is for the better good". I say those who hate are the criminals because they are the ones who propagate this perpetual lies and violence. You will be judged by your actions by your God, Muslim, Jewish, Christian, or ? If Israel fails to loosen sanctions, how is launching rockets going to solve this problem? Bring it to the world.

    As I see it, Hammas creates the crisis to draw Israel into reacting. Hammas wants the world to see Gaza residents as victims. They are victims of Hamms' blunders. If Israel is in violation of a cease fire by restricting humanitarian aid, bring it to the world. Don't launch missiles on civilian areas. This aggression will bring down is wrath of Israel and indifference from the world.

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    I have no idea who this guy is or the credibility of the link. I know you're not particularly credible though. So we have to look at what the known facts are.

    1) Hamas broke the ceasefire.

    2) Israel's choices were to accept thousands of rockets hitting it's city, or act to take them out.

    3) Hamas is indeed a terrorist organization.

    4) It is part of a local jihadist movement, and likely has visions of a larger global role if it wins locally.

    5) Israel did act in self defense, and terrorists are the enemy of every civilized state.

    So, as the statement is in direct contrast with all the known facts of the situation.. I'd have to say that either the guy, the link, or both are not credible.

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    I am sick and tired of these sorts of people trying to gain attention by pretending to be controversial. So what if Israel was lying. So what if Hamas were terrorists. Are these people going there to help them survive?

    People died, damage was done. Unless you send them your money

    or go there and help them, please shut up.

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    Henry Siegman is a brave man and I take my hat off to him .Its a pity there are not more like him who can tell the world the truth. At least the Turkish PM who was a friend of Israel also had the guts to speak his mind.

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    I totally agree with you , because thief's could lie easily

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    Where are his and your facts to back up his opinions. The last I checked, opinions are like ___, everyone has one.

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    Just a simple look to the "motif" in your avatar and your intentions are clear....

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