I once saw a movie about Sigmund Frued and his maid found a secret passage he&a monkeywere strungout on drugs.?

I don't mean for my question(the name of the movie) to seem as if I'm focused on the drug aspect of the movie,but I thought this would or could jog someones memory to the title.I believe it was the late 80's or possibly the early 90's.It was like 1 or 2 am and I had just gotten home from work and flipped thru channels.I caught that part and a little before that before I feel asleep. I'm intrigued by some of Freuds theries and experiments since school and am curious if this movie is actually fiction or none fiction...so I seek the name of the movie.Thank you.

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    The Secret Diary of Sigmund Freud (1984)? This was a comedy--sort of.

    Supposedly focusing on the life of Sigmund Freud by means of a fictional secret diary, this attempt at satirizing the man from his childhood through his first forays into psychoanalysis is weak on laughter, especially since it is difficult to tell whether a scene is serious or not. Freud (Bud Cort) is... portrayed as being too nauseated by blood and physical anatomy to make it through medical school, and because he misunderstands what practicing medicine is all about, he accidentally starts psychoanalyzing his patients. His Ultimate Patient (Dick Shawn) provides him with the theories that would make him famous. Presented as a series of nearly disconnected vignettes, this story about the relationships between Freud and a nurse (Carol Kane), and his mother (Caroll Baker) and a doctor, are meant to be funny, but are not quite.

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