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Power of Attorney or Full Guardianship?

Please help! I am desperately trying to find out if my Uncle has Full Guardian ship over my Grandmother or just Power of Attorney. I have to find this out with no access to my Uncle or document etc. I cannot ask my Grandmother for unfortunately she has Alzheimer's and un able to recall such information. Is there an open register I could look up to see whether my Uncle has full Guardianship over her or Power of Attorney? Coz it's either one or the other right? or both, yeah?

(We live in Scotland, so it's the Scottish Office of Public Guardian that I'd contact if needed).

Thank-you so much in advance if unable to reply :):):)

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    I know nothing about the Scottish legal system. But I'm assuming that establishment of a guardianship would require a petition and court order. You should be able to check with the local court to see if there has been a case to establish guardianship of your grandmother and, if so, you can review the case file.

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    Be careful with the legal guardianship thing. In California, it must be decided by the court, and anybody can show up at the hearing and become her guardian. Your best bet is to get Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare and Power of Attorney for her finances. They are two separate things. There is no court hearing involved; you only need to get signatures.

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    Well, here in the US if you think an elderly person is being abused you can call an Elderly Abuse Hotline and they will check it out. Chances are your uncle has Power of Atty, since majority of the time Full guardianship applies to minor children. Have you tried to contact her Dr. or the nursing home she's in? If you can find out who her atty. is he might be able to help you. Good Luck

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    Dear Craigit, First of all what u wanted to know, is totally depends upon ur uncle, bcs ur grandmother is unable to recall anything, & as far as if u want to see an official record in the Scottish office, in my opinon u have to tell the exject day & date for the serching of a specific document, in their records, which u dont have. so it ios totall upon ur uncle.

    Thanks, all the best

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