Where can i download full metal panic manga/novel in English after book 4?

i already have those before and including burning one man force in novels, i dont have any of the manga in english but i don't mind switching to manga to read the rest of the story.


ah thx for the answer but u don't have your email on yahoo answers and ur not accepting contacts to be added. my email is timeyyy_da_man@hotmail.com

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    I can give you the manga version of Full Metal Panic! on megaupload (they're in a zip file so you don't need winrar). Here:

    vol. 1


    vol. 2


    vol. 3


    vol. 4


    vol. 5


    vol. 6


    vol. 7


    vol. 8


    vol. 9 (last)


    For Full Metal Panic Overload or Full Metal Panic Sigma, I suggest reading them at mangafox.com

    For the novels, I have:

    The End of Day by Day (both volumes),

    A Dancing Very Merry Christmas,

    Continuing on My Own,

    and the prologue and first chapter to Come Make My Day

    on a pdf. file so email me at ragascorpioqb@yahoo.com and I can send them to you (also email me if the links above don't work).

    (the titles may not be exactly right for some of them but I promise you that they're the real novels)

    I also have the side novels Cinderella Panic and Irrelevant Emotion.

    The mangas already translated to english cover the first 3 novels and FMP Sigma cover The End of Day by Day but FMP Sigma is only translated to chapter 8 at the moment (you get more information from reading the novel or watching the episodes of Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid -which are completed and can by found on youtube.com in english subtitles)

    There are more novels (like In the Nick of Time) but they have not been released yet.

    Oh, if you ever feel like scanning your novels, send me a copy of the first 2 volumes

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    Full Metal Panic Manga Download

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