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What ice hockey shafts are best out of the below:?

TPS Louisville Genesis [reg flex] (what is regular flex on this?)

TPS Louisville Intrigue [reg flex] (again what is reg flex on this model?)

Easton Octane 80 flex

Easton Stealth S5 80 flex

Sherwood Momentum

I am fairly new to the sport, been playing for about a year with a wood stick and have decided to go to a composite shaft/blade combo after breaking a couple of sticks recently. I have been told a medium flex in the region of 85 would be good, and have seen these cheap in the UK (where I am). If anyone has any other suggestions of reasonably cheap shafts with a 85 flex I'd appreciate it!


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    out of all of those I would go with the easton stealth. I just bought my buddy the S11 and he loves it. the S5 is an very older model.

    as far as reg flex goes I would say that probably means the flex on it is around 75. not anywhere near 100, but not stiff as a board.

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    I know people hate it when you answer out of the options but look at the warrior AK27 shaft. They are cheap and NHL'ers use them. My buddy has went through like 50 blades on his and never broke the shaft, and he has the JUNIOR flex!

    I am also SURE you shouldn't go with the octane.

    I broke 3 when i was in Atom ( 10yrs old) and im a small kid.

    Here's the AK27 and the other warrior shafts (which you should also look at).

    AK27 for sale online ( you can find them wayyyyy cheaper).

    And here are warriors other shafts (and blades).

    Just in case you didn't know warrior is an amazing company and the AK27 is used by many NHL players.

    Any other questions just ask.


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    Sherwood always have great 2 piece system, go with the Momentum

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