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請形容The Worst Witch主角_Midred性格

請形容The Worst Witch主角_Midred性格,請用英文describe。


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    Mildred is starting her third year at Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches with high hopes of improving her klutzy record. But that’s before a curling-iron catastrophe leads her to experiment with a hair-growing potion with hair-raising results. And it’s before she raises the ire of Miss Granite, the odd new teacher who doesn’t seem to act like a teacher at all.

    Mildred returns to Miss Cackle’s Academy for Witches for her third year. She hopes that this year can be accident-free. She and her friend Maud are happy to see a new teacher, Miss Granite, in spite of her very strange appearance. Mildred’s year starts off badly when Maud’s brush tangles Mildred’s hair. More trouble looms when Miss Granite does not teach the Form Three anything. When Mildred’s cat, Tabby, gets stuck in Miss Granite’s room, Mildred worries there is something sinister with this new teacher. Miss Granite proves to be Miss Cackle’s twin sister, Agatha. Mildred must use some creative spells in order to outwit Agatha and her fellow witches. Mildred’s story is part of a series that could serve as an alternative for younger fans of “Harry Potter.” However, this particular novel appears very disjointed. Mildred’s friends could figure more prominently. Miss Granite turns too quickly into a threat; more involvement with her true self could have made the story more compelling.

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