I'm looking to create an e-commerce website and need some help.?

I'm trying to create a website. The purpose of it is to be able to sell anywhere from 1 to 5 products. I've done some research on html and have somewhat picked it up, but what I want the site to be may require me to have an even greater understanding of html (which I don't mind, but don't have the time). Anyways, what I really need is some advice/suggestions on how to go about with the creation of the website. First of all, since it's an e-commerce site, would I be able to create the site on notepad or do I need some sort of software like Dreamweaver? In addition, since I'm going to want to take down customer information, would working on notepad allow me to? Second, I'm looking to use PayPal as my primary source for transactions, so would I still need to go about selecting a shopping cart, and if so, what kind would be good? Since I'm going to be selling products, are there other details that I have overlooked (i.e. security for personal information, etc.)? If there are any other steps that I may need to take, those would be helpful as well. Thank you in advance.

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    If you only have a basic knowledge of HTML, forget it right now: although e-commerce is relatively easy to set-up, it requires serious experience in programming, and in several languages (ie: html, javascript, php, mysql and ajax on LAMP servers).

    Yes, you develop all of these just with Notepad++ (the way professionals do). Add to that a good experience in Photoshop for the graphics, and a good knowledge of marketing (bad marketing with beautiful graphics leads to no-sales!)

    Many people start downloading pre-written code like os-commerce, a free open-source e-commerce, and try to adapt it to their needs: this is a daunting task, as the user does NOT understand the code he is using!

    As for payment gateway, yes, PayPal is the easiest (and fastest, and cheapest) of all banking gateways, IF you are using simple transaction system (just a few kb of code). If you try to implement your shopping cart IN PayPal, you are in again for a very hard time if you are not fully conversant in programming. Personally, I develop my own shopping carts, and end-up with ONE transaction through PayPal. Simple and easy.

    Finally: security. If you use a one-off call to paypal, you do not need any security: let PayPal do it for you! This means, of course, that you do NOT collect any private information from your clients, save their names and addresses. NO credit card info, EVER! If you do so, you must set-up your server with SSL, buy and maintain a security certificate... a real pain.

    To conclude: since you say you do not have the time to learn, go to professionals: there are enough freelancers about, that can provide you with good service for a reasonnable price.

    I develop full e-commerce and complex applications, but my fee starts at 4500us$. However, at www.rentacoder.com, you may find developers that will offer you e-commerce for around 1500us$.

    BEWARE of lower offers: you'll NEVER get your site of the ground (these are amateur's offers who have no idea in what is involved!)

    Best of luck!

    Source(s): Pro web2 application developer at www.web2coders.com
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    Yeah I would look into starting out with an ebay store. Ebay and paypal go hand in hand and are very secure. But if you're looking to do it yourself and have a custom site then this is going to be a lot harder than you think. A website that needs a shopping cart requires more than html coding. You will need some type of server side coding to processes information and filter out data entry errors. A simple answer would be to design up your site and use the code that paypal provides. Paypal has a very nice setup for html shopping carts and stuff. It wont look completely custom since your whole shopping cart will be on paypal's website and not have your company/website name anywhere. Also it's a lot hard than you think to code a website. You need to be pretty good with html coding and a graphics program (photoshop) to make a decent website. So basically if you want it done right you will need to hire a programmer/graphic designer. In todays internet a simple website put together in notepad will not gain the trust of many that are shopping with a credit card.

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    I actually wrote a small e-commerce site for work but it never got off the ground and from personal experience I can tell you it's a huge pain in the seat by the time you factor in security. I'd suggest using Yahoo Stores or Google Stores to start off and see how your venture goes. If it does go well, and I hope it does for you, then look for a pre-done package so that the security issues are already handled for you.

    The other thing you want to find is a good host that offers https and has 24/7 support with people that actually know Unix and aren't reading their support answers off 3 x 5 index cards.

    Also you're going to need an encryption certificate which varies in price. I was never able to get a straight answer from my host on what the difference was for the price.

    Feel free to e-mail me if you have more questions.

    Hope that helps you out!

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    A simple and easy solution is to install a program like Prestashop.

    It is easy to install and user friendly in the admin section.

    Prestashop is free to download and is perfect if you only have a few items to sell, and it uses the paypal payment gateway.

    Having your own website is a lot better than just having an ebay store, but while your building traffic then it wont hurt to have both.

    A great source for themes (templates) for Prestashop is at EzyTrader. They have free and pro themes which will make setting up your store even faster.

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    It would have been good, if you have shared the most you are ready to pay. This may help individuals to reach you in a better way. Also, it depends on the platform you wanted to choose such as woocommerce, volusion, wordpress, bigcommerce, shopify etc. If you wanted to use Magento then you can reach Magento Commerce but it might be costly for you. Alternatively, you can contact to Sigma Infosolutions. Not sure about pricing but you can give a try. Good Luck!

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  • have a look at


    or go directly to oscommerce, paypal setup is the easiest in oscommerce.

    If any help is needed you can reach us at

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    one answer EBAY!!!!!!

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