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i am 6'2 245lbs.should i play defensive end or line backer?

im going to play for a junior college.

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    i played defensive of end and a little linebacker back in my day,

    linebackers are more of the leaders they call the plays and stuff and

    but you got to have a little speed playing both, if your a D end then you have to watch the sweeps to the outside and man does it suck if you get burned, and your rushing the QB more. but you got to be tough for both, and size doesn't always matter, its about how smart you play and you gotta know how to hit and like contact playing both positions. you could play either one, I played defensive end because i was quick and had some speed and i like sacking the quarterback. playing linebacker you will have to stop the run and sometimes defend the pass. Wide receiver can be real fast. There both fun positions.

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    You sound a lot like me when I was in High School. I played defensive end and loved it but at the same time I regretted not playing linebacker. I think there would have been more opportunities had I played linebacker and I would have liked being the general of our defense. You need to hit the gym a little more though. I remember our team would be there five days a week, before or after practice. Whether it was just to do nothing but run on a treadmill or weights we were there. I was 6' 180 as a Freshman and by my Senior year I was 6'1" 215 and a better athlete because of it. I'd say you are a great size for linebacker but a little light for d-end in the college and pro ranks.

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    Perhaps start out at linebacker. If you put on weight, which is likely, or have difficulty in pass coverage, you might move to defensive end.

    Good luck at the JUCO level, hope you make it to Division I in a few years.

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    That's the size of a middle linebacker. DE ranges from about 6'4" - 6'7" 270-290 lbs.

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    Yes u can play.

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