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Can you use a normal fishing rod for ice fishing?

Can you use a normal fishing rod for ice fishing? I don's want to go out and buy a ice fishing pole so can anyone give me some advice for using normal rods for ice fishing?

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    Is it physically possible to, yes but realistically you really can't, at least not effectively. You need to be closer to the hole to detect the lighter winter bite and get a good hook set. The size of most ice shacks rules out the use of long rods when you're in them. You can use your reels off your regular rods and ice fishing poles are very reasonable. I have a "noodle" rod that just has 2 pegs, 3" apart, that you just unwind to the desired depth. It is very sensitive and i don't need a spring bobber on it. When I catch a fish I just pull it in hand over hand after I set the hook. I think it cost me $7 or so. Good luck!

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    Dude, unless your ice-fishing for Monster Lake Trout & Pike your gonna look like a real @ss pulling up 1/4LB Perch, Bluegill & Crappie with a full-sized rod. (lol)

    And the first time you do hook something decent are you going to "horse" him out of the hole with super-lite Ice-line 6 FEET AWAY, (a typical "normal" fishing rod is between 5 1/2-7FT)? Most portable shantys/ice houses aren't long enough to accommodate a 6FT rod! (lol)

    Gimme a break! A typical "cheap" Ice-fishing rod is $10-$12.

    (Some are cheaper!)(lol)


    Joking aside, you CAN use a regular-sized rod but WHY would you? If you don't have $10 for an ice rod save your money for grocery's! (lol)

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    Yes you can , to me it is the same thing. There is nothing new but your rod will be longer than a ice fishing rod.

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    yea. Ice fishing is fishing with a hole in the ice. all u need is a shovel to dig a hole and start fishing with a normal rod and real.

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    from my research, i been ice fishing alot and i have found a couple of stores that sell them cheaper. Basspro shops sell them the mose expenive. go to gander mountain or sportman ware house. they sell combo for like $5 bucks that a deal. for the rod only they do sell them for the same price,. good luck and happy fishing

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    a regular pole will work fine, its just a little longer and a little more difficult, but just as much fun, sports authority has some nice ice fishing poles for 15 bucks, i just bought one there and love it

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    It's more difficult, there are reasons why there's different rods for it.

    Yes, it will work. Although, I wouldn't recommend it.

    Have fun!

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    You can, but it's crazy hard work to chop a hole big enough to make a decent cast.... :)

    A regular pole will work, but you'll look funny. Will you be inside a shanty?

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    You can if you like too. Good luck to you o.k on the idea.

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