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Why was Obama talking about , Rush Limbaugh ?

For those who answer some questions, with absolutely no knowledge of what your talking about.

Pay attention to some of these answers.


Like Michael Savage say's...

"When talking politics, be well versed. Before you open your mouth".

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    The context:

    "You can't just listen to Rush Limbaugh and get things done," President Obama told House Republicans during stimulus negotiations on Friday. Limbaugh has encouraged Republicans to oppose the stimulus plan because it would give Democrats an electoral advantage by creating new jobs. He's also said he wants President Obama to fail.

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    He brought up Limbaugh in a meeting with republican leadership at the White House.

    What Obama was trying to say was that republicans should try to work together, particularly on the stimulus package, instead of taking their cues from Rush Limbaugh. Who at the time was making news for saying, "I want Obama to fail".

    Limbaugh is very influential within the republican establishment. Obama brought his name up as a way of saying, "don't listen to him, let's try to work together".

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    Rush is a moron, lol if he were so smart he'd be more than a fat slob with a radio show and someone else's prescriptions. Sad if this is all the Republicans have to show for themselves!

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    Fear...plain and simple.

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