Does anybody know something about this Citizens Insurance Company of America?

Here's this guy who's offering me insurance from this Citizens Insurance Company of America. All the details look good, except that their website looks kinda simple, a little crappy. Does this website really belong to that company? Can anyone provide me some information about this company? Thanks a lot!

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    Citizens Insurance Company has been a leading property & casualty company in Michigan for over 75 years. They were acquired by the Allmerica Corporation several years ago and are now considered part of the Hanover Group.

    They are and have been one of the largest and well regarded auto & homeowners insurance companies in Michigan. Through their affiliation with the Hanover Group they have expanded into other states where the name is, perhaps, not as well known as it is in Michigan.

    As I note, they are a solid, well respected company. I can't comment on their lame website.

    Source(s): Have worked in the insurance industry in Michigan for 35 years.
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