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my day............................?

well, since no one will talk to me, im going to tell about my day. yeah its random, but leave if u want. well today, i made a choice and a descicion in what im going to do with my life. i live in sc now, but since im atheist, i now know i have to get the hell out of here. also, the poeple are not what i expected. my best female friend, who i thought was the only "clean" person left in the school just went over to her bf's house and got fingered. oh, well. yeah, im just having a really hard time thinking about what people have become these days. i mean, shes 15 and i know shes going to have sex like very soon. one thing leads to another... yeah. we played some sort of "truth" game yesterday, and i learned she wanted to kiss me before, like a few weeks before. before she had this man-slut bf who just wants sex from her. i dont know what i can say to make her see past him, and his intentions, but she has known him for 5 years, and i know its a long time, but i dont think that he has pure intentions. he went out with some hoes and sluts before, and i think i screwed his mind up. she claims she would not do it before getting married, but i think shes going to before 16! but then, i still find myself liking her a little, and i am going to forget about it, just as long as she doesnt take it further. but then, theres this girl in band, and shes really pretty and nice. i kinda like my best friend, but then, i see her as something different, and not sure wheather i want to continue to stick to her, or to go with this other girl. now the only problem is that one of my other best guy friends likes her too. i have always liked her a little, and we talk and mildly flirt during band class, but i dont want to hurt my friend. i know bros before hoes, but its kinda hard to decided what to do.

wow, that was a lot haha. please talk to me ppl! ive had a pretty bad day.

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    Awww jeeze you really did have a hard day didn't you? If you're concerned about your friend and this guy just show her your concerned, but don't start getting on your nerves. The last thing you want to do is push her away from you. Don't jump to conclusions though, even if the guy fingered her, maybe that's as far as she's going to let it go. Trust me there are other "clean" people in your school, you just don't know them. In my super close group of girls that are friends, none of us have even come close to losing our virginity, even though we have had boyfriends, and I don't think any of those girls are ugly, in fact most of them are super pretty, and I'm ok i guess... And btw we're all looking for a guy who isn't completely obsessed with sex.

    For the band girl, just try to figure out who genuinely likes her more, you or your friend? The one that likes her least will stop liking her first, and then she'll be free for you or your friend to take.

    Don't worry things will get better for you =)

    Source(s): Uhhhh I'm in senior year in high school and know exactly what you're going through XD?
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    And what makes you so very 'clean' in comparison to your friend? You like 2 people at the same time too - its a pretty standard thing actually. You'll develop the maturity to handle it... someday.

    And what is with calling your supposed best friend a hoe (yeah, I saw your other question). For a non-relgious person, you sure are judgemental!!! And you have the hide to call yourself her friend?! Sexual activity happens at that age. Who cares who the bf is, that's her choice, not yours and good friend knows when to keep their opinions to themselves. I think it's pretty clear your only problem with your friend having this experience is the fact that you like her. Why don't you deal with that fact and try and be a real friend to her? Or maybe man up and confess that you like her?

    Seriously, get over yourself.

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    dude girls will hav sex with any popular guy or any1 ther friends like to feel safe

    they dont care

    ther more about social status and bragging to their friends than guys are about looks!!

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