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Is this a stimulus or just a spending bill?

* $600 Million To Buy New Cars For Government Workers (Page 89). These cars would be "green" friendly cars - however very few gas pumps have the right gas to run these cars. The Federal government already spends $3.5 billion a year.

* $10M for bike and walking trails (Page 65)

* $200M for plug-in car stations (Page 31)

* $400 million for NASA scientists to conduct climate change research (Page 22)

* $800 million to clean up Superfund sites (Page 122)

* $600 million for grants for diesel emission reduction (Page 119)

* $650 million for "alternative energy technologies, energy efficiency enhancements and deferred maintenance at Federal facilities" (Page 119)

* $1.5 billion for construction of "Green Schools" (Page 176)

* $1 billion to the controversial COMMUNITY ORIENTED POLICING SERVICES COPS Hiring Program

* $83 billion for the earned income credit for people who don't pay income tax.

* $246 million for Hollywood

* $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts (Page 122)

* $75 million for smoking cessation (Page 148). This contradicts the latest version of SCHIP that is funded largely by new taxes on cigarettes.

* $4.19 billion open to ACORN. The Pelosi-Reid bill makes groups like ACORN eligible for a $4.19 billion pot of money for "neighborhood stabilization activities."

* $54 billion will go to federal programs that the Office of Management and Budget or the Government Accountability Office have already criticized as "ineffective" or unable to pass basic financial audits.

* $462 Million for Equipment, Construction, and Renovation of Facilities at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) (Page 137)

* $150 Million for Repairs to Smithsonian Institution Facilities (Page 128)

* $44 million to the Agricultural Research Service (Page 135)

* $227 million for oversight of the pork barrel spending in the stimulus (Page 11)

* $1 Billion for The Follow-Up To The 2010 Census (Page 49)

Now is this just a stimulus package or has Obama finally shown that he won't keep up on his promises. you tell me.


There is enough pork in here to end world hunger. plus with the last bailout most people spent their checks on mortgages NOT the economy.

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    This is a pork spending bill. 88% of it is pork, and only 12% might

    stimulate the economy. Isn't that sad? Obama wanted them to

    vote for this bill quickly. I bet he didn't want everyone to know how

    many pork projects it contained afraid they couldn't support all that

    needless spending. So, before they could read all those 176+

    pages, Obama wanted it done "quickly". I guess the Republicans

    did not go for that, as none voted for that particular stimulus


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    Just for the record I didn't think sending checks out to everyone was a good idea. How much did Bush's stimulus jack the national debt up? And I don't think government projects are a good idea either. No amount of money spent on government studies is going to make pig poop not stink. Between TARP (which I didn't like even though it was a Bush proposal), Stimulus, and Omnibus there's almost $2 TRILLION dollars going out. All controlled by politicians. But are politicians going to be the ones paying the bills? No. You and I are. If I'm going to have 20% added on to my debt, I'd like to have a lot more say in where it's going to be spent. *LOL* Politicians really know what they are doing don't they. they have screwed up Social Security, Medicaid, Medicare and a lot of other things with their government leadership. Why would anyone think THEY are the solution? THEY are the problem. Republicans have spent too much and now Democrats are spending way too much. STOP IT BOTH OF YOU!

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    It's not a stimulus bill, it's a budget for all the pork the democrats wanted for the last 40 years but couldn't get passed. Wall Street Journal looked through the bill and came up with $90 billion that actually had something to do with creating jobs or stimulating the economy. The vast majority of the money won't even be used untill 2011, just in time for the elections. Now, who's playing politics with the economy?

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    1 Trillion x interest = more than anyone can ever imagine.

    how about: 1 Trillion - 90 Billion(of actual stimulus)= a lot of mula that they could give to tax paying citizens. THAT would stumulate the economy. Each state would get a lot of revenue from tax money and fund its own projects. Most of that money goes to specific sectors. You think that someone with a high school diploma is going to benefit from global warming research?

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    This is a liberal pay-back pork bill that exceeds anything ever done in history before. They are insuring a lower standard of living for future generations. But why should we care? It was the same "future" generations, the ones who will suffer the most, who are the ones who are primarily responsible for this travesty in the first place.

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    A Pork Filled spending bill. I don't see what it is supposed to stimulate or how it benefits the average person like me. I don't work for NASA, Hollywood, construction, farming, ACORN, the Arts, etc. Waste.

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    Actually most of things are stimulus... they create jobs, put money into the public and private sectors and keep states afloat so they dont have to lay off thousands.

    Not to mention, I wouldnt count investment in green technology as pork. Get used to it, theres a lot more where that came from. We need to take our dependence on oil and climate change seriously (for once).

    Is there pork in there? Sure looks that way... but you obviously dont understand the legislative process. This in not "Obama's bill"... there's some of things he wanted in there, but the rest is tagged on by house dems and repubs (mostly dems). It still has to go through the senate and a fair amount will be removed.... so be a little patient. The house tends to go overboard, because their voting blocks are so specific.

    Oh.. and repairs to the national mall (our nations monuments) and the smithsonian create thousands of jobs... its called "public works" and is shown time and time again to stimulate the economy more productively then tax cuts. DC is exceptionally poor and needs it.

    Is it perfect? Not by any means.. I hope the senate fixes it up somewhat. And for me, I want way more infrastructure spending... we all should. That creates jobs, improves our economy and improves national security.. win-win-win.

    EDIT: Fact is people is this is how it works... conservative say tax cuts.. and then the economy gets good for rich people and tanks for everyone else. Democrats say spending and investment, which is so-so for the rich (some make out ok), but very good for the rest of us... and the economy blossoms.

    This is not me saying this... historical records show government spending like this creates $1.33 for every dollar spent, while tax cuts and supply side theory create only $.70 (cents) for every dollar.*

    *Sourced by Moody's financial services (NOT exactly a liberal organization)

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    When is the American people gonna wake up? The Rasmussen Poll says 60% of citizens do not believe the stimulus stunt will help them at all.

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    And we have to worry in the long-run how this will all be paid back, i'm sure we wil be facing hiked taxes in few years to pay it back...

    $246 million for Hollywood?????????? What would Hollywood need $246 for?

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    I don't think we should use the words "stimulus" and "package" in the same sentence. It's very Freudian. It sounds as though we're getting the shaft. Oh wait, we are getting the shaft!

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