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My TPS Responce goalie Stick Broke...Help?

I Have aTPS Responce goalie sitck, and it snapped in half today. I have a 30 day warrenty and it's still good, but the place where i bought it said that i need to send it back to the company.

does anybpody know where that is? Ilooked on the site and wasn't sure if what i found was the right address adn i don't want to send it to the wrong place.

Please help, no bullshit.

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    Contact TPS by phone or email first. Wait a week or two if you get no response try the store you bought it fro and explain your situation, you may be able to get a credit while they send it to TPS. I work at a hockey store in the goalie section so this is what i advise ppl to do. while yourwithout a stick get a wooden one, i have had the same koho stick for 5 years now and its amazing

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    did you try going to the stick warranty spot?

    if you havent then go there.

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