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If you can choose any one player to start your franchise who would it be and why?


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    ok...peyton manning..because he's good..he's consistent..and he doesn't cause termoil on his team.

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    Not sure they guy, but here's criteria I'd think about:

    1. Leader on the field.

    2. Clean guy off the field.

    3. Key position - QB, Linebacker.

    4. No prior health issues.

    5. Veteran, but young one (not a rookie).

    6. Not a cry-baby under any circumstances.

    With this in mind, maybe Rivers. Polamalu (I'm not sure how old he is).

  • Jordan
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    Peyton Manning

    Not only is he a great player, but his intelligence and persistence makes everyone around him better. He's also one of the few quarterbacks who can get the job done without a running game.

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    Peyton Manning

    He has the football IQ, the will of a true competitor, a strong work ethic and superb leadership skills.

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  • BK
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    a dominent defensive player to build around. patrick willis brings a good attitude and is a sideline to sideline tackler.

    my top ten choices

    1.patrick willis

    2.albert haynesworth

    3.troy polomulo

    4.ed reed

    5.phillip rivers

    6.chris snee

    7.joe thomas

    8.michael roos

    9.matt ryan

    10.michael turner

    age is also a concern.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Albert Haynesworth. It all starts with the interior lines. I want this beast in the middle of my defensive line.

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