where would I report a very serious scam for money being done through yahoo?

I have several letter from a person who is claiming to be very young and need a financial adviser. and the he claims the bank is requiring money to reactivate his accout to be transfered. I want to anything I can to stop these kind of things from happening. here is one of the letters from these people

We received the information that we required from you,

The beneficiary of this funds be Kombe Edwine have disturb this bank and I my self allot concern this transaction, I will like to demand from you fast forward, so that we fudge ahead without any Daley to transfer kombe funds in to your account.

Why we required your information, it well helps us to locate you if we have any problem along the line, we can easily locate you because I don’t want to be jeopardized.

Now I want you to observed before we could transfer kombe’s funds under our custody into your account, we demand you for the account activation because the account is dormant since, it is un useful no body is making use of the account and no body have come for the fund expect as you come now.

Now we have to activate the account before transfer the fund in to you account because the account is dormant, we can’t transfer the fund without activate it.

We use $420 dollar to activate any account that is dormant (four hundred and twenty dollar) so if you’re ready for the transfer, send this money with the bank secretary name, MARKATTA EDWINE, Country COTE D’IVOIRE. Send it for any western union around you and email us for collection and with the control number and question and answered.

Immediately we receive the money the transfer will also followed.

Waiting for you respond,

Dr .Didier bank manager (biao bank)

Web site www.biao.ci

Email address biao_bank_abidjan42@yahoo.com


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    Since the scam message originated from a Y! Mail account, go report it here: http://help.yahoo.com/l/us/yahoo/mail/yahoomail/ab...

    Choose Fraud as the reason for the violation you're reporting on.


    You can forward the message, unedited and with full headers, to Customer Care at the following address:


    Keep in mind Customer Care takes these reports very seriously and will act swiftly to terminate the scammers' email accounts without warning, per the Terms of Service.

    Forward the message to the following email addersses:

    Internet Fraud Complaint Center: ifcc.tp@fbi.gov

    FraudAid Scam Reporting Email: scamreports@fraudaid.com

    Castle Cops: depositscam@coldrain.net

    Federal Trade Commission: spam@uce.gov

    You can also report it here: http://consumerfraudreporting.org/feedback.htm

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    You can't stop these scams. they operate outside the USA and anybody can send you e mail. What I found works is to write them back and INSIST that they just send the money to you. Act mad and confused and they drop you quick..

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