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days of our lives monologue? ?

i need a fairly long one. :) i'm looking through scripts and stuff but i haven't found on long enough. anyone want to help?

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    Have no idea which ones you have seen.

    Arianne Zucker: They hinted at it before, a little bit, but really never touched upon it. It's a challenge for me, because I'm going from being flip then, in certain moments, my vulnerability comes out. It's really hard to try to hide it. I think that Nicole wants so badly to trust somebody. She's never really, truly dealt with anything. I don't know if you're anyone who's ever had an issue in your life, but those of us who have, if you don't deal with it, at some point it's going to explode. I think she's getting to that boiling point. She's about to burst. As we all know she's got a little bit of a bad history. I think that's kind of why she's so flippant and why she can go from one place to the other She's just so busy covering now. It's just so great; I just find so many wonderful things. And in working with Ed Scott and Noel Maxam, they're so willing to listen to my ideas and really work with me and really just make, not only the show, but my character just amazing.

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