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What is the hand bagge limit on Easyjet?

On easy jet can I carry a 22 inch carryon onboard? If I purchase food to bring on the plane after security will easy jet give me problems? I sent an email to easy jet and they told me that my food must be put inside my suitcase. If I get food at the airport at burger king my food will leak all over my clothes. How can I eat my food if they want me to put my food in my 22 inch piece of luggage in the overhead bin? Is easy jet will they be very strict if I walk on the plane with a 22 inch piece of hand luggage and a small bag of food from burger king. If easy jet is really this strict I may be better off flying on British airways.


Will they consider my Ipod a piece of carry on luggage?

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    "Save where the limits set locally are more restrictive, passengers are permitted one standard piece of hand baggage to a volume limit of 55x40x20cm; no weight restriction applies within reasonable limits — i.e. a passenger must be able to place the piece of luggage safely in the overhead storage bins without assistance."

    And you can as well have a bag with a burger with you. It is not considered hand baggage. Nor is any bag of items bought in other shops.

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    I too thought it became into 5kg and that i had a glance the different day and could no longer locate it. i'm confident I study it someplace as I purely booked a flight final month. I truly have in simple terms regarded on my flight information for next week and it purely supplies dimensions and not weight. i could think of that smart permits you to truly carry it into the overhead locker on your guy or woman.

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