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What names can you come up with that has these initials?

My husband is SCB and I am BMB what are some names that you can come up with that have the same initials as we do? Please come up with at least one boy and one girl name for each set of initials, thanks!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    At school it is good to be unique! So here are some unusual names:

    Sezi Cecilia

    Starzi Christina

    Stephanie Claire (More usual!)

    (the boys names aren't very unique)

    Sebastien Craig

    Samuel Christopher

    Simon Charlie

    Benjamin Mark

    Bendedict Matthew

    Brian Matthew

    Bethany Madeline

    Brittany Maisy

    Bella Monique

    I hope this helps! Good luck!


  • 1 decade ago

    I assume B is the last name so I will leave that as is.

    Here are some combinations

    for BMB

    Briana Marie B-

    Benjamin Mark B-

    Belinda Mariah B-

    Bryony May or Mae

    Bella Maya B-

    Brooke Meadow - might be too watery for a name

    Bibiana Mirabelle B-

    Brina Megan or Brina Margaret

    For boys

    Benedict Mark B-

    Benjamin Mark or Malcolm B-

    Brian Mackenzie B-

    Blake Mackenzie or Martin

    Blake Michael

    Benedict Marshall

    Blake Mitchell

    Blake Marshall

    Now for SCB - Girls

    Savannah or Susannah Charlotte B-

    Sara Christina B-

    Shannon Carlie or Carlita

    Sydney Celeste B-

    Scarlett Carlina

    Sasha Carlin

    Samaire Cate (pron. as Cate)

    Sylvie Celeste

    Samantha Chloe

    Sarah Claudia

    Saskia Celeste

    Saskia Camille

    Scarlett Cambria

    Susannah Charlotte

    Stephanie Carlin

    Sydonie Camille or Camilla

    Sadie Clementine or Clementia

    Stella Camille

    For boys - SCB

    Shane Christopher

    Sterling Chase

    Spencer Chase

    Samuel Charles or Carl

    Stewart Churchill

    Sebastian Charles

    Sebastian Christopher

    Sandoval Calio

    Sean Connor

    Seamus Christopher

    Silas Charles

    Silas Caesar

    Sullivan Cesar

    Sullivan Chandler

    Storm Chester

    Spencer Chad or Chadwick

    Simon Case

    Sandro Christopher

    Samuel Chester

    St. John


    Sage Christian or Crispin

    Soren or Sorenson Chase

    Seamos Cillian (pronounced Killian)

    Spencer Chandler

    Sawyer Caleb


    Stone Cormac

    Sullivan Cormac plus the B last name

    Spencer Crane

    Slate Cullen

    Skylar Cashel

    Spencer Cooper

    Stephen Cullen

    Stephen Connor

    Samuel Cornelius

    Samuel Crane

    Sebastian Craighton

    Sebastian Croix

    Stellan Carter


    Speck Chandler

    Sumner Charles

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Boys:Sabastian Cade

    Sable Caden

    Sage Cáel

    Sahib Caelan

    Salvador Caiden

    Salvatore Cain

    Sam Cale

    Sameer Caleb

    Samir Callum

    Sammi Calum

    Sammie Calvin

    Sammy Camden

    Samson Cameron

    Samuel Camille

    Sandeep Campbell

    Sandy Camren

    Santana Carey

    Santiago Carl

    Santino Carmine

    Santos Cash

    Sasha Cecil

    Saul Cayden

    Savion Cédrick

    Savon César

    Sawyer Chaim

    Girls:Bailee Macey

    Bambi Mai

    Belinda Mackenzie

    Source(s): me
  • 1 decade ago

    Sierra Christine

    Sadie Cait

    Summer Callie

    Scarlet Cadee

    Scott Caleb

    Skyler Cayden

    Shane Carr

    Sean Cameron

    Bailey Madeline

    Bella Mae

    Berkley Margarita

    Blair Maya

    Breeane Marlee

    Beckett Micah

    Blaze Michael

    Bradley Maverick

    Blake Marcus

    Brennon Miller

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  • 1 decade ago

    Samson Connor

    Sadie Cyler

    Shaina/Shayna Cate

    Shaine Cayla

    Stella Callie

    Shaelyn Courtney

    Scarlett Catelyn

    Brody Mason

    Brody Michael

    Brady Mason

    Brady Michael

    Bella Madalyn

    Bailey Makayla

    Brielle Meredith

    Brishelle Mariella

    Brooklyn Makenzie

    Blair Madeline

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Blair Meredith/ Martine/ Mirabel

    Barbara Marion

    Blake Morten

    Bruce Marius

    Simona Claire

    Sophie Camilla

    Sylvia Christine

    Seyton Charles

    Sebastian Carlisle

  • 1 decade ago

    Samuel Charles

    Sebastian Caleb

    Brett Matthew

    Benjamin Michael

    Sadie Cate

    Sophia Charlotte

    Bryony Mae

    Bethany Michelle

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    SCB: Shane Connor, Scott Connor(maybe), Not really sure

    BMB: Bella Michelle, Belle Me'chelle, Brittany Michelle, Brittany Marie

  • Boys~

    Shane Clifford

    Sawyer Camden

    Seth Cooper

    Sebastien Charles

    Spencer Colin (♥)

    Sean Cameron

    Benjamin Marcus

    Blake Michael

    Brennan Maxwell

    Bennett Matthew (♥)

    Bryce Marshall

    Blaise Mason


    Stella Caroline (♥)

    Scarlett Catherine (♥)

    Sydney Claire

    Sage Cassandra

    Sofia (Scandinavian spelling, totally legitimate) Charlotte

    Seraphina Camille

    Bianca Madeleine

    Brooklyn Margaux

    Brontë ("BRON-tay", like the sisters) Michelle

    Bronwyn Melissa

    Brooke Magdalene/a

    Blythe Maria

    I don't necessarily care for all of these; a ♥ in brackets means it's one of my favorites.

    Good luck!

    ♠ Qǖḕḛἠ

  • ?
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago

    Scott Cameron B

    Samantha Carol B

    Brendan Michael B

    Bailey Michelle B

  • 1 decade ago

    BOYS:Steven Craig

    Skyler Clayton

    GIRLS:Sierra Christine

    Stephanie Claire

    GIRLS:Brianna Megan

    Brielle Morgan

    Blair Moon

    BOYS:Brett Morgan

    Bryce Mathew

    Brandon Mace

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