Under cabinet kitchen lighting?

I want to install lighting under my kitchen cabinets. Wiring it isn't a problem, but I'm concerned about the aesthetics. My cabinets are flush at the bottom, so there is no over-hang to hide anything under the cabinets. I'm guessing I have to recess the lights.

If recessing, am I cutting right through the cabinets and into the bottom shelf? That doesn't seem right.

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    The most popular type of undercabinet lighting on the market are the 1-4 bulb xenon line voltage surface mount options. Yes, they are surface mounted, however they are only 3/4-1" in height, and when they are placed in the middle of the cabinet (not up at the front) they are not very noticeable at all. Plus you can find them in either white, brushed nickel, or a bronze finish.

    I would use these over the hockey puck lights because you do not have to worry about cutting into your cabinets, and you don't have to worry about low voltage transformers, which will have to be replaced at some point.

    Check out these undercabinets from Kichler lighting


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    There are little round lites that people put in china cabinets to light up - china. I've seen them under cabinet's and it looks very good. You might be able to get some that are battery operated and you wouldn't have to deal with wiring at all.

    I've always thought to try the cheapest way first...and if you don't like it - then change it. You could always sell the lights on eBay if they don't work out!!

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    Yes, recessing lights are your best option aesthecally. Low voltage " hockey puck" style lights are your best option for depth 3/4". Install new removable bottom shelves in the cabinets. Use plywood and route out wiring. Center cuts for false shelves on new lights. Trim exposed face of plywood with molding. To match stain contact cabinet manufacurer. This is always a problem with undercounter lighting and by re- working bottom shelves it wont be seen from the outside.

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    you do want them through the wall. with a hole cut in the back of the cabinet for access. in several of my cabinets, the bottom shelf slides out so i can reach what's in back. the older i get, the nicer that feature is. but it means that you cannot have stuff coming through the bottom shelf. that said, it should be possible to run the wires on top of the tile to the back of the cabinet. not optimal, but not impossible. and there are receptacles that can be mounted on the surface. up near the top wouldn't affect the storage area within the cabinet. if it's not too late, you probably want electrical outlets in back of cabinets where you might want to put anything electrical. it sure is nice to be able to pull a plug, rather than to have to go shut off the circuit breaker. OH, and it's nice you're honored by first class idiots. you wouldn't want third class idiots, now would you!

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    Yeah that's the way it's done. I don't like it either. There are two other options.

    A- put an over-hang around the cabinets

    B- find a style of light that looks good there, ( I haven't found any yet but there must be something out there)

    If you find something that is attractive let us know


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    mount them flush and put a piece of trim along the front of the cabinet. no need to recess.

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    The other option is LED tape lights. Look at www.eurofase.com to see and example.

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