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How does the FDA know our average nutrional values?

For example Zinc ... 4.2 mg is 28% of our daily recommendation. How did they come up with this figure? How are they able to draw a line that says "this is the perfect daily amount"?

I remember the oldest lady in the world in India who drank a tea and ate a specific diet the past 40 years. Its not because she ate 100% of all vitamins and minerals daily that ensured good health. I think the FDA is FOS (full of ....). Same goes with the food pyramid! Heck if I want to make a good joke out of this I might as well add FEMA and anything that ends in .GOV!

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    FDA is a synonym for much of the nutritional knowledge of the world. FDA is the only institution in the world who has the authority to either approve or ban a pharmaceutical drug. All the drugs which are being used in the world have to be approved by the FDA. No drug cannot be either manufactured or marketed without its consent. There may be many different diets suitable for different people. Genetics of people vary. Some people may be able to go without proper sleep for weeks on end while others can't function if deprived of sleep for a few days. Food pyramids represent the latest knowledge of the world. You have a democratic right to disagree with the world body of knowledge known as Food and Drug Administration . I am a Sri Lankan and have no connection to the FDA other than my excellent knowledge of pharmaceuticals and nutrition. (Sometimes I also do not fully agree with them) .

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