”Closed the roof ” 中文點解

"Closed the roof " 中文點解?

是否關閉屋頂, 不明, 是否太熱要拆去屋頂?


The Australian Open heat policy came under fire from t op olayers and tennis great Rod Laver as organizers finally closed the roof on the main arena after days of scorching tempoertures in Melbourne.

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    The electronic roof of The electronic roof of the main Rod Laver Arena .

    There is an electronic roof<---------

    To close the roof <------------ 關閉那電子操縱比賽場的頂部The electronic roof of the main Rod Laver Arena

    The electronic roof of the main Rod Laver Arena was closed at around 2.30pm local time and play stopped on outside courts as temperatures rocketed to 41 degrees Celsius, with forecasters predicting the worst heat wave since 1908.

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    came under fire = to be criticized被批評

    heat policy = when it is too hot, they have to close the roof.( It is kinda their policy 政策) Some call it " The extreme Heat Policy".

    heat here means "high temperature"

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    Scorching ( adjective) meaning extremely hot

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    Please note that you have misspelled " temperatures", Brandalo2002 (Plastic Girl)O_O

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    Closed the roof

    Firstly, we have to know Jan in Australia is deep summer, particularly in Melbourne, the temp reached 42 deg C. is quite normal. The Australian Tennis Open (one of the 4 tennis grand-slams) took place in Melbourne & in Jan each year.

    On 1.00pm of 28/1/09, the temp was 44 deg C. which means the floor heat (tennis courts) under the sun was 49-52 deg C. Nobody can stand the heat under this condition for 2-4 hours of tennis playing.

    So under the rule of "heat policy", Rod Laver Areana have to close the roof to reduce the heat from direct sun shining.

    This roof can close also while raining & let the play continue without postpone, as well.

    故 close the roof 不是指拆去屋頂, 而是關閉屋頂.

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    拆去屋頂 - remove the roof

    關閉屋頂 - close the roof

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    closed the roof 封閉的屋頂

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    Rod Laver 應是指Rod Laver Arena.它是墨爾缽一個綜合運動場館,有伸縮性的天頂。文章是講因天氣太熱了,需要將天頂關閉,開冷氣才進行比賽之類。


    此Arena是以名澳洲網球名將Rod Laver命名,他曾是連續七年網球世界冠軍。

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    雖然樓主只問roof的問題,但有網友回應埋heat policy點解,這是值得稱讚的。+2 贊助分!!

    Rod Laver 曾來港比賽過。

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