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英文達人 可以幫我翻譯嗎?

如題 ,煩請以英文正式用語表達,感恩.



利用小孩喜愛的方向盤玩具以及現代科技avm系統,讓玩具方向盤往擬真方向突破.對於駕駛者而言avm具有駕駛輔助功能,但透過CARSPLAY詮釋,則是能使小孩能享受和駕駛者一樣的開車視野,一台車 兩個人開,不僅增加了父母與孩童的話題,也能讓小孩藉由玩具,促進手眼協調及大腦發展



1. 利用壓夾設計固定於安全座椅與蛇管調整使用高度.

2. 當CARSPLAY接觸汽車時,內建藍亞即會接收AVM系統,而開啟玩具電源.

3. 按方向按鈕後,即可發出「音效聲」及顏色燈光.

4. 在旋轉方向盤時,內部滾珠則會發出聲音.














可以利用蛇管自由調整曲度 傾斜度,進而carspaly就不會受小孩的生長高度所限制.



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    Carrying the children out, parents most headaches do not like to be a child safety seat restraints feeling. Through the process of designing products to solve the existing problems. The use of child favorite toy steering wheel, as well as modern science and technology avm system that allows the toy steering wheel to the direction of a breakthrough virtual reality. For drivers who have driving aids avm, but through CARSPLAY interpretation, it is enable children to enjoy and the drivers of the same car vision, a car opened two people, not only increased the topic of parents and children, would also help the children with toys, to promote hand-eye coordination and brain development . Simulated driving game steering wheel toys, to light a number of simulated driving sound design, to provide the children a variety of ways. 】【Playing instruction 1. Using a fixed pressure folder design with a snake in a safe seat height adjustment tube. 2. When contacted CARSPLAY car, built-blue Asia will receive AVM system, and open the power toys. 3. In accordance with the direction buttons, you can issue a "voice sound" and the color of light. 4. In the steering wheel rotation, the ball will be the internal voice. 【Learning focus】 1.5-year-old children to provide hand-eye with the most toys to stimulate and promote the development of the brain, and can enhance the understanding of power, creativity, and so on.

    complex found in baby toys can even mobility, increased interaction between parents and children! (design) avm system- By Nissan Motor Co. avm independent design system as the main system carsplay show. Because the main is to allow children to work with his father drove the same screen, so basically controlled by the father control of the screen. Steering wheel -According to market research field size toy steering wheel to a radius of 16cm of the steering wheel most of the human sub-size children.

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    Ball internal design, the children turn the steering wheel of the process to have this hearing stimulation. 其他不夠空間輸入

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    Folder design pressure -Consideration of safety seats available in the market with different design, and finally to the design of pressure so that folder can be fixed carspaly different sizes in different brands of child safety seats.

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    Snake design -Can use the snake tube free to adjust the curvature of the steep, and then carspaly on the child's growth will not be affected by highly restricted.

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    Button- Color side row is designed to traffic lights, indirectly through the game to allow children to learn and understand that when children press the button will be issued when the audio sound and lighting, increase the visual effects to attract the attention of children.

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