How painful are abortions?? ?

Be honest with me... And do painkillers help the pain (I've heard they don't)

PLEASE no comments telling me not to do it. Under the circumstances, there is absolutely no way I can have it. I would love to, but I really can't :-( please just trust me on that.


Took two pregnancy tests this morning, both came up negative so it looks like I won't be needing an abortion after all :-) thank you so much for all your help.

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    Hey I am going to keep my opinions to myself as we all should, even when we don't always agree with others choices. Anyways, a few years back a co-worker that I worked with had an abortion and hers was at 8 weeks. She used to talk to me about it, and this is what she told me.

    She said that they gave her two pain pills a half an hour before hand, (this was to help relieve some of the pain that would be felt during the procedure) and during it, the worst was the suctioning of the baby (I don't like how that sounds, suctioning of the baby, but that's what she said) Anyways, she said that the doctor before hand examined her, gave a shot to her uterus for numbing purposes, and she didn't even feel it.

    The worst was about 2 minutes of the suctioning. She said it felt like cramping the same as when she was on her period, but a little worse. She also said that right after she bled, but it wasn't bad and she had a little cramping then and for a few days after. She also said that for a few days after she passed blood clot things, but eventually they went away and she was OK. She said that all of this was normal and it wasn't all that bad, except the guilt and pain of what she did is what is causing her to feel pain as of now.

    I am telling you this because I don't want you to make the same decision she made, and then live like hell like she does now. She thought an abortion is what she wanted, and she has such guilt that she literally wants to die herself because she just can't let it go.

    I am not going to tell you what to do, all I will say is please with whatever you choose, think about things through thoroughly, and make the decision based on non selfishness. I would hate to think that you would live with the hell that my friend lives with now. It's not a pretty picture, and this kills her every single day. She'll never get over this and or I think learn to deal with it. It was so traumatic for her that she now has PTSD.

    Hope my info helps, and with whatever lies ahead for you, just please promise to think things through, because once a decision is made there's no going back.

    Source(s): My friend went through one and it was not bad, but the pain as of now is mind blowing.
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    You'll be in a lot of pain when, a few months down the line, the inevitable depression hits that happens for many. My friend is in counselling two years down the line, and hates herself for what she did. If you don't want an abortion as you say, then believe me don't get one. The emotional scars it will have on you you just cannot predict, especially if you are uncertain about it. When I got pregnant I had no money in the world, I was in debt. Now my son is 10 months old and we're doing brilliantly. There is ALWAYS a way, you'll see. And if you really can't do it alone, there is plenty of help available to struggling parents. Look into it. If you really can't do it, then you haven't even mentioned adoption. A lot of people think this will be too hard for them, but what about what is best for that baby? You just have to be selfless here, when you become a parent (which like it or not you already are), you take a backseat. I've made no end of sacrifices for my son. Yes it would be painful to let that baby go, but really more painful than ending it's life? Really? Do you know about open adoptions now? You can opt to give the baby up for adoption yet keep in touch and play a part in his or her life. So you won't have the entire pain of saying goodbye and always wondering what she or he is doing. But even if you did choose a closed adoption and did not have contact, and then were bugged with thoughts about what she or he would be doing right now, surely that would be better than being plagued by thoughts of what she or he would be doing if she or he was alive? Because everybody I know who has had an abortion, gets those thoughts. You'll know that that little girl or boy will be happily playing on a trampoline, or at a dance class, or laughing with friends. Not in a hospital waste bin. Sorry to be so blunt, but I can tell you don't want to be doing this, so don't, there are so many other options.

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    Are Abortions Painful

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    I understand that you are angry with yourself, but i don't think you need to get a "painful" abortion. You obviously feel bad as it is. An abortion in itself is painful enough to your body and mind. Both will hurt, the medical abortion will hurt and you will have KILLER cramps and the surgical abortion will hurt afterwards. Just remember, you have options. I am not telling you to not get an abortion. I AM telling you that it would be stupid to punch yourself in the stomach or drink poison because honestly i doubt that will work. You can get the medical abortion no more than 8 weeks into your pregnancy and after that the only option would be to have a surgical abortion or have the baby. Then your options are the obvious keeping it, adoption and so on. And don't mind what the other people are saying about being a baby killer. Be safe and careful from now on and don't hurt yourself because that would just make it worse. You need to be strong.

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    The only pain killer they gave me was one advil before hand. I didn't end up needing it tho. I felt a little pressure and a small amount of cramping for a moment or two. The whole procedure takes like 5-6 mins. I really didn't feel anything physically. Emotionally scared for life, even tho I don't like children and don't want one, but it's a haunting thing. Depending on how far along you are, you may be able to do it medically. They give you a pill that does it. I've heard you have pretty bad cramps for like 6 hrs tho. But I did it the other way. Good Luck! If you have any more ?s or need someone to talk to about this, send me an e-mail I'd be happy to help.

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    It honestly depends on the stage of your pregnancy. If it is early enough, the fetus can be aborted by taking a combination of pills. Some of the symptoms can be painful (uterine cramping) described as being similar to spontaneous miscarriage. The level of cramping pain ultimately depends on the person. This procedure is not surgical, so I imagine it is the least painful.

    There is also a surgical procedure for early pregnancies that has cramping as a possible side effect. Again, the level of pain depends on the person, but they provide a pain reliever during the procedure. The pain generally lasts only as long as the procedure.

    The later pregnancy surgical procedure may have more severe cramping. Just as the others, the level of cramping depends on the person.

    I would suggest that you try to relax as much as you can - anxiety most likely increases the pain. Try some breathing exercises, or some other relaxation technique.

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    I had an abortion about 9 weeks ago and it was a little painful.They gave me a pain killer before, but the suctioning was very painful. I m not sure if it was my emotions making it worse or just it hurt that bad.

    PS: I would really think it through before you have an abortion, and also if you do carry it full term you can get a C-Section which is just as painful and give it up for adoption (You ll get paid)

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    I find these answers a little odd, because most women don't regret abortions. I know a lot of pro-lifers are really intense in their propaganda so be aware, some of these could be fake guilt stories. Multiple surveys are done every year at Planned Parenthood and the like and the most common emotion is relief. Remember "good women have abortions every day."

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    When i went to get mine i was 15 years old.

    I was in a waiting room and they gave me a couple pain pills about 30mins before i had it done. They also took me into a little room to have a ultra sound to see how far along i was, shes asked me if i wanted to see the picture of my baby and i said no, but the picture was printed out and when she walked by i saw it, and this haunts me.

    I was 8 weeks along.

    I had to spread my lets and they put this thing inside of me and it was a lot of sucking and cramping. Very very uncomfortable. It wasn't the most painful thing, but it did hurt a little bit with the cramping. After i was done they put me in this little room and gave me some juice and crackers and a big pad to put on. Than after 15 mins or so i left.

    I had more cramping and lots of blood clots for about 7-10 days. Like most people said it was more emotional pain, than anything else.

    Anyway good luck with everything

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    It is painful the first day but usually not enough for serious pain meds. If you ask, they might but you just really need to be sure to follow the directions they give you and take the meds they suggest &/or prescribe when you are supposed to. They they will probably give you an antibiotic, if so be sure to take it as prescribed. It is unlikely you will be left hanging since you will likley be given an emergency # and a follow-up exam or number.

    You will probably feel discomfort for a day or two - and I understand this is more wierd than painful. You may have to take it easy a day or two but not knowing more of the facts, you should be ok and not totally miserable. Stay hydrated keep up with your electrolytes and your rest. Try to stay away from negative or stressed out people. Take care and be good to yourself :)

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    They are not that painful. You will be given drugs to relax you, and then some pain relief. You won't be in a lot of pain, just slightly uncomfortable like having your period. Don't listen to people that judge you, this is your decision and your business. Take care xx

    P.S - everyone is different, some women will get cramping bad, some it's just like a period. It's an individual thing. Also, you shouldn't have to explain your reasons why to anyone! I can't believe some people! Good luck!

    Source(s): Registered nurse
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