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is it possible to do multithreading programing in (any) markup languages?

my doubt is weather the multithreading facility is available in (any) markup languages like XML., WML, MML, or BulletML, vector graphics markup language.. etc...

thnx in advance

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    B-i-n-g-o, Python does support it.

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    Script language is often used to place in writing a script to layout an internet site.a customer-area script is a application that would accompany an HTML rfile or be embedded without delay in it. this methodology executes on the customer's device whilst the rfile lots, or at another time which includes whilst a link is activated. Programming language: To advance a utility/video games for any use. Markup:an interchange format designed to chop up the semantic content fabric of a question from its show format or formatting

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    not all language support it

    python no

    java yes

    php no

    java yes

    c++ yes

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    No buddy. Its not possible

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