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Who is the top contender in the AFC and NFC 2009-10?

I have the Patriots in the AFC with Brady back and the Eagles in the NFC as I'm sure next year is their last ditch effort with Dawkins and Westbrook who are not getting any younger. Who do you see making the playoffs. Keep in mind I don't think this is who will go to the SB.


North-Steelers 11-5 are always consistently good they have great management and they know how to draft and awesome D.

East-Patriots 13-3 with Brady back they should be good again like 13-3 good or somewhere along those lines.

West-Chargers 11-5 they have Merriman back and he covered up the holes on their defense and they will add solid players via draft and FA.

South-Jaguars 11-5 they will fix their O line and defense and MJD will have his 1st 1000+ season carrying most of the work load.

WC-Ravens 10-6 Flacco will improve with another season

WC-Titans-10-6 The defense will get them here once again


North-Packers 10-6 they will be healthy on defense which should let them win the North and Rodgers will have more experience.

East-Eagles 12-4 they will be like the Eagles of old and they know what they missed out on in the loss to the Cardinals a really solid team with depth on defense.

South-Saints 11-5 I think they can improve their defense enough to not be a liability in games.

West-Cardinals 10-6-They will resign their FAs and draft well and Warner should be back.

WC-Cowboys 11-5- They are talented and rid themselves of one bad seed already.

WC-Giants 10-6-No Plax=less wins for Eli as no one will catch his overthrown balls. The defense and running game will get them a WC.


Nick that is your own opinion so good for you this is mine I just wanted to see what are other peoples opinions. I'm not changing anything.

Update 2:

Sure GTE whatever you wish. Runyan and Thomas probably won't come back as they are really old but they might come back for cheap you never know. I don't have the Colts cause Dungy isn't the coach this time and I think they have to transition and thats why the Broncos are not in my picks either. Also the Colts look like they don't have that certain spark they use to have. Plus Harrison will probably be a cap casualty.

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    AFC- I have Patriots as well. They were very strong this year without Brady, and this year they actually have a 1st round pick.

    NFC- Agree as well, Eagles. The defense is very strong and this team is close to unstoppable when they have both McNabb and Westbrook healthy (which is rare, but who knows?)

    AFC North- Benagls@10-6 Sure, laugh now. But this team played very well down the stretch. Their defense allowed 6 points in the final 3 games, and Cedric Benson looked good at RB. With Carson Palmer at QB, things are on the upside.

    AFC West- Broncos@12-4 Had to expect this one. They will all their much needed holes on defense and stay prominent on offense.

    AFC East- Patriots@14-2 This team is still great. With Cassel, Randy Moss wasn't much of a factor, but Brady can actually throw the deep ball, and Moss will become a force to be reconed with once again.

    AFC South- Texans@11-5 This team is very good when Schaub is healthy. They should fix the defense enough. Slaton is a very good RB. I like the way this team is looking.

    WC1- Colts@10-6 This team just does not miss the playoffs. Peyton Manning is a winner (until the playoffs roll around)

    WC2- Raiders/Chargers@10-6 This one will go to an AFC

    West team. As much as I hate to say it, it will. The Chargers outscored the opposition by a good amount this year. And I think this is the Raiders' year. They will fix the O-line and get a good WR. Cable is the best coach they have had in awhile.

    NFC North- Packers@ 9-7 They have troubles on defense, but the offense is pretty good under Rodgers. I think Grant will go back to 2007 form.

    NFC West- Niners@ 10-6 This was a different team under Singletary. When they were losing, they were being killed under him. This coach knows how to inspired his team. And if this team gets Sanchez, that's a bonus.

    NFC East- Eagles@ 13-3 I already explained this.

    NFC South- Saints@ 11-5 Drew Brees is a great QB and is even better when he has Bush healthy, because he is a great receiving RB. Pierre Thomas is a decent running back. This defense has been bad for years now, and I think this is the year it improves finally.

    WC1- Giants@ 10-6 This defense is still very good and they have Brandon "the truck" Jacobs. This team knows how to win.

    WC2- Cowboys@ 10-6 Lose the tiebreaker to the Giants. This team has a lot of talent, and even with all the dysfunction this year, and the tough schedule, they still were able to manage a 9-7 season. I think the improve 1 game and get in.

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    looks pretty good but I'll put some of my thoughts.

    North-good, East-perfect

    THOUGHT:West-You really never know who will win that division.sure the Chargers have Merriman back, so they cant really get any worse, but it's just that whole division that is a mess.I'm not saying the Raiders will win it, just saying that you never know.if i had to choose one for the west, then yes it would be the Chargers.

    THOUGHT:South-i heard Jones-Drew talking about the team, and he said he has never been on a team so mixed up in his life.i would not count on them getting very far.

    Ravens will blow out the competition.

    THOUGHT:I think the match-up will be between the Colts and Texans, actually.people are always saying that the Titans had the easiest schedule, but it is pretty true i think.their REALLY good, i know but i think the Colts will go back to their prime days, and the Texans will have an amazing break-out year.

    then for the NFC i would say the Packers still being a mess, just because their QB isn't the only problem, and i really don't know about the Cowboys.but i hope they do good.

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    I am an Eagles fan and I have very little hope the Eagles will even make the playoffs, I think management is destined to make every wrong decision. Without McNabb the Eagles are NFC East cellar dwellers and I think they may deal him, stupid. But my selections for next year are the Pats vs Carolina but there are several teams that have a chance to get there.

    I am a little surprised you weren't a homer and pick San Diego, but I think 8-8 will win the AFC West. The schedules are brutal.

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    I do like the Chargers, so long as both LT and Sproles come back. If not, then I'm looking at the Ravens, provided Ray Lewis comes back. IF EVEN THAT doesn't happen, then its back to the Patriots, no matter what happens to them.

    In the NFC I'm thinking that the top team will definitely come from the NFC East, I'll pick the Eagles just because I'm the smallest amount of a homer and because I think that if our tackles (Runyan and Thomas) come back we have the fewest holes out of any other NFC team. If they leave then I'm looking at the Redskins, the only team to beat the Eagles twice this year.

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    i got my bolts, u hit the nail on the head, with Merriman back & all the guy we are gonna via the draft & FA we should be the hottest contender in the AFC

    for the NFC it always changes in 06, its the Saints & Bears, in 07 its the Packers & Cowboys, in 08 it was the Giants & Panthers, it changes every season, but the team i saw a lot of progress is the Atlanta Falcons, yeah they lost in the 1st round, but all that experience they gain in that loss to AZ, Matt Ryan should have a great 2nd season

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    i agree with your AFC predictions except replace the ravens with the colts. although, i disagree with all of your nfc predictions. i doubt packers will win the north, switch eagles and cowboys. atlanta will win the south. replace cardinals with 49ers. giants will have a losing record next year, replace them with the saints.

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    I'd say whoever wins the Super Bowl should be the favorite in their conference. Right now I'd say Steelers and Giants, but I may have to reconsider that depending on what happens in the Super Bowl and later in free agency and the draft.

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    I agree with you except the packers wont win the worth.

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    no won 9 games in a row by himself practicly this year. with everyone healthy and a Rookie DL watch out....they will win superbowl

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    Patriots & Cowboys r best.

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