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If God gave us free will, why does he spend so much time trying to sway us? ?

People who do not act right in the Old Testament are struck down by lightning, turned into a pillar of salt, or have some other awful calamity happen to them. Almost everyone drowned during the Great Flood because they wouldn't listen to God. The Israelites spent 40 years lost in the desert because they had strayed from God. God sent his only begotten son who was crucified and tortured in order to show us the error of our ways. If God gave us free will, why does he spend some much time, energy, and effort trying to get us to act in a way that is pleasing to him? What is the point of free will if you are going to try to manipulate the end results anyway? And by the way, if God gave us free will, how could he 'harden Pharaoh's heart' so that the pharaoh would not let the Hebrews go? Isn't that jacking with the pharaoh's free will?

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    Your question is good. The reason why God spends so much time trying to sway us is because God is looking for a willing bride. No kidding. He created us to be his bride. He doesn't force anyone to marry him just like you wouldn't force any woman to marry you. You want a bride who loves you, not one who hates you.

    At the same time this is God's universe. God created man to live in the same environment as He does. Some people don't want God. Those people will be like a fish out of water. So God clearly gives us a warning, "I didn't built hell for you."

    As for hardening Pharaoh's heart. Moses wrote that about 1450 BC. In those days, the Hebrews blamed everything on God. The Hebrews didn't know of a personal being named Satan until the time of the Babylonian Exile (600 BC)--800 years after Moses. So the Hebrews blamed God got blamed for everything, good and bad, until they learned more.

    The first mention of Satan is in 1 Chr 21:1 where "Satan incited David to take a census." The same story is told first in 2 Sa 24.1. In 2 Sa it reads "The Lord incited David to take a census." The only difference is that 2 Chronicles was written after the Babylonian Exile, and 2 Samuel was written hundreds of years before the Babylonian Exile.

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    "When under trial, let no one say: "I am being tried by God" For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone." -James 1:13 It's Satan who's reffered to as "The Tempter" at Matthew 4:3.

    As each of the Ten Plagues befell Egypt, Pharaoh hardened his heart rather than displayed godly fear. Jehovah did not force Pharaoh into a course of disobedience but allowed that proud ruler to choose.

    "When Phar′aoh got to see that relief had taken place, he made his heart unresponsive; and he did not listen to them, just as Jehovah had spoken" That's from Exodus 8:15 Some Bible translations are more accurate in their rendering of the original Greek.

    Source(s): New World Translation of the Christian Greek Scriptures and Watchtower magazine.
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    God gave us a free will so we could choose right from wrong , Heaven. from Hell. Everywhere in the Bible where people came under the judgement of God it was due to their disobedience and failure to follow after him. I choose to live for God because he is a God of Love and he has never let me down. You make him sound like a vengeful God, the only time that he is a God of revenge is when people turn their backs on him. It's our choice.

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    When God created us he could have forced us to love him, or programmed us that way, but he wanted us to want to love him. And he doesn't spend all his time "trying to sway us", he is using all his time "trying to 'save' us"... which is a pretty cool thing. All God cares about is us, and all he wants is for us to love him. It's not something to get mad about, it's something to rejoice over! he loves us enough to make sure we make the right decisions.

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    There is a way that seems right to a man..but the end of it is death.

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    I agree, this current god is silly. Elect me as God and I shall right his foolish wrongs!

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    Trying to make sense from nonsense will scramble your brain. Stay away from it.

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