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Ecuador questions? Please help!?

1. What is the most common transportation: bus, train, or car

2. What Indians live there: Quecha, Mayas, Aztecs

3. What is the most common insterment: tamborene, clarinet, charango

4. What do they think about the virgin statutes?

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    Transportation in Ecuador is done primarily via bus and car, both intercity, and inter-provincial. Unlike the United States, owning a car can be thought of as a luxury for many, considering the high costs associated with importation. besides cars and buses, taxis are also a very popular choice for many; a ride across town usually costs only between 3 and 5 dollars.

    The Quecha indians are native to Ecuador, primarily concentrated in the high sierra regions around the capital city of Quito. They continue to be a powerful political and social presence in Ecuador, and the Quecha language is the other official language of Ecuador (besides Spanish, of course.)

    Between those three instruments, i'd pick the charango for your homework, however a visitor to Ecuador is probably more likely to encounter the Siku, which is a type of pan flute.

    Statues of the Virgin Mary are nearly ubiquitous en Ecuador. Many barrios will have small simple corner shrines where it's not uncommon to find fresh cut roses placed neatly around. It is also not uncommon to find simple shrines in the house that encompass a small statue of the Virgin Mary.

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    Common models of ceviche determined in Ecuador incorporate Ceviche de Camarones (shrimp) and Ceviche de Corvina (sea bass) Ceviche de Corvina Ingredients * two lbs Sea Bass reduce into cubes * a million Red Onion reduce into lengthy strips * a million Red Pepper reduce into skinny strips * two tsp chopped Parsley * four Tbs cooking oil * a million Stick of Celery finely chopped * a million tsp Hot Pepper Sauce * eight Tbs Lemon Juice * Salt & Pepper Directions a million. Steam the Sea Bass, Turing over as soon as till the colour alterations to white (roughly three mins). two. In a pitcher bowl combine the lemon juice, cooking oil, parsley, scorching pepper sauce, onion, celery, salt and pepper. three. Add the Sea Bass which will have to nonetheless be corporation and coat utterly with the elements from the bowl. Let Stand in Bowl for a million hour. four. Serve with Pop Corn, Toasted Corn and Fresh Bread.

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