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help! looks like dog is peeing out butt?

i don't know if it is from stress or something else.

on saturday, my beagle got a hold of a brillo pad and ate part of it and we brought her to emergency and everything. she ended up having surgery on monday.

my dachshund is the one that is the one with very watery diarrhea but my dachshund and my beagle are extremely close and my beagle is going on her 4th night at the vet.. they've never been separated.

yesterday we took our dachshund with us to visit our beagle but we didn't take her in the back to actually see our beagle.

ever since then she has had extremely watery diarrhea, it looks like she is peeing out of her butt and there is a mixture of stuff but it smells extremely, and i mean extremely bad.

she has thrown up a couple times.

do you think it is something serious or do you think it is stress?

she only started having diarrhea and a little vomiting after we took her with us yesterday.

we gave her a little bit of boiled chicken and rice, she kept the first serving down but threw up the second one.

she is acting fairly normal.. playing, drinking, her normal stuff.


she did not get a hold of the brillo pad and im sure of that. they were in two completely different places at the time.

Update 2:

our dachshund didnt actually go in, me and my sister switched out while one of us went in to visit the other stayed with the dachshund

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    lmao! you might wanna see a vet,

    yahoo! answers can't help you with this one.

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    You might want to take her to the vet to get checked out. I know you're already going to pay so much with your beagle, but it's probably the best thing to do. She might have gotten a hold of that brillo pad too.

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    You might want to take her into the vet and have her checked. Any diarrhea that lasts several days should be brought to the attention of your vet. It could be something serious, or nothing but stress from your dog not being around.

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    They want to pee & poo where other dogs have, some do it to mark territory, others do it because that's how dogs communicate. I have heard a dog sniffing a butt is a dog saying hello. Usually if 2 dogs are going to fight, they meet eye to eye & there will be no butt sniffing (hello)

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    Not the brightest idea to bring a healthy dog to a vets office for no reason. She probably picked something up, call your vet first thing in the morning.

  • maybe it got ahold of some of the brillo pad as well

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    I agree with rachel!

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    im sry thats weird/funny

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    ask the vet.................................

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