need help with Torrent Downloads.?

I just asked this Question but was in a hurry and made myself seen like a moron who does not know how to write.So lets try again.I download torrents i have for years now with no problem....till now.I download from Demonoid bitjunkie and 1337X.Some reason now it will not let me download any of the trackers to put into my bittorrent to download.most of the time i click on what i want to download and a screen will pop up asking me what i want to open thethe file with.i click bittorrent and i download begins.Now i get nothing except on Piratebay..Have any of you had this problem and what is the fix.thanx alot.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Try a reinstall but try a different Program. I personally use uTorrent. It's like bit torrent but a lot lighter and without all the hangups. Sounds like you Have a driver error or maybe a bad reg entry. Most of the time, with DVD's use aXXo torrents, software, no matter were you DL it, you run the risk of maleware. Be it torrent or direct. Just because its an exe or rar file doesn't mean it won't have something in it.

    I've had less issues with torrents then direct Downloads. Just be smart about what your DLing

    Common sense people

  • 1 decade ago

    Torrent sites are plagued by spyware and viruses. I suggest downloading right fromt he source. Type in whatever you are looking for in google and type megaupload after it. That should bring you to a megaupload link. Only click on links that say MEGAUPLOAD, no torrents. Then download that link. Unzip the file using Winrar that you can download for free at This has worked for me and I am virus free and no torrent BS.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    use this site

    no need for torrent just reg download and use win rar to open

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