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Can someone explain the movie "Vanilla Sky" to me?

okay i watched the movie a couple nights ago and Like, i don't get ANY of it, and neither does my friends who watched it with me. all we know is that tom cruise is the guy who has the deformed face and the one that looks like, well, himself.

sooo can anyone explain it to me? like, why there was a deformed tom cruise and a regular tom cruise? i feel stupid for asking but w/e....

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    Vanilla Sky is a movie that gives me a creepy feeling because it creates a fantasy world that we see throughout the movie and an uglier real world that is revealed at the end of the movie.

    Tom Cruise's character meets a woman played by Cameron Diaz they go out and become a couple, then he tries to break up with her. She gets angry and while he is in the car she drives it into something. The accident kills her and he is left disfigured. He goes to a company called LE who give people memory implants. At his request, LE plants memories in Cruise's mind that he is not disfigured and he is having a relationship with the character played by Penelope Cruz.

    Something starts to go wrong with those memory implants and he begins to see Cameron Diaz' Character in place of Penelope Cruz' character in many situations.

    He goes to LE and their executive explain what is taking place to Cruise's character and fill him in on reality. The audience then knows that Cruises' character is disfigured and everything they saw on screen up to this point was the result of these memory implants.

    Cruises' character goes to the top of the building and jumps off and that is the end.

    The other movie that has a similar feel to it is "Jacobs Ladder", which also has the audience believing a fantasy until the end, when the ugly reality becomes apparent.

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    Vanilla Sky Movie

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    Vanilla Sky Meaning

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    That was really more of an answer telling you the events.

    What makes the movie difficult to follow is that some events are really happening and others are "Lucid State" events from when he was placed into cryogenic sleep.

    Essentially this is the best way to interpret the movie: There's a true real life line of events that take place for this character. Parts of this A-Z life are "dream state" events. The movie does not do anything specific (until the end) to explain this. It's all subtle hints. (like the sticker on his car, etc)

    So if I could explain it outside of the director's way of telling the story I would tell it like this, The story MINUS the fantasy and dream sequences:

    A man (Tom Cruise) David Aames is the son who inherits his fathers wealthy company. It's a publishing & broadcasting company. He lives the life as a rich jet setter. He has a client (Jason Lee) Brian Shelby who is practically a brother to him because they are so close friends. Brian wrote a book. "Life: The sequel" (or something like that) and it's hugely important because according to director Cameron Crowe, the movie's plot is based off the character's book played by Lee. Brian in his jealousy and rage against David having stolen Sophia (Penelope Cruz's character) and sexually using the woman of his dreams Julie (Cameron Diaz) decides to ruin his life. Brian talks to Julie and tells her David called her an F Buddy. This enrages her coupled with David staying overnight at Sophia's and she talks him into getting in the car and attempts a lover's suicide (trying to kill them both) Well She DOES DIE. and he DOES LIVE. But he's horribly disfigured. He then loses his grip and cannot cope whatsoever. He loses the company, his fame, fortune and most importantly to him, he loses Sophia. (yeah it sucks but she can't deal with it and dumps him)..

    Basically having it all and losing it all is too much for him to bare. Facing the fact his future wife isn't strong enough to stay with him through the ordeal, and realizing what he thought was his best friend was really just a shallow user who envied him secretly... this all adds up to enough to commit suicide.

    He does. He overdoses on his medication. Well... he had a contract with "Life Extention"

    and since he OD'd the contract kicked in. they immediately execute the contract.

    1)grab him from OR and put him in cryo stasis

    2)insert the "lucid dream" option he bought.

    3)monitor him for 150 years.

    well something goes wrong at the 150 year mark and his subconscious seeps into the lucid dream.

    Tech support intervenes and fixes the problem. He is now aware that the movie you've been watching since the accident scene is all lucid state. (ALL OF IT) the tech explains that he can be re-inserted with the fixed program and never know the difference and think that the accident happened but he's fine and sophia is with him. or if he jumps off the building it will wake him up in the real world and he will be alive 150 years later.

    He takes option 2, the movie ends.

    If I were to explain this WITH the fantasy, it would take pages. For instance, the penelope cruz you see throughout the film (other than the party) is fantasy. Kurt Russel's character is a complete figment of David's subconscious.

    Hope this clarifies it.

    My absolute favorite scene is when he passes out in the street and Sophia wakes him up. I cry every time. That's love...

    I would marry a woman like that.

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    Alright, after the scene where he sleeps in the gutter with the mask (after the accident, of course), they didn't show it, but he decided to be put into a type of sleep. So, the rest of the movie is a dream, which is why it is all f-d up and confusing. Oh, and the small scenes where he's talking to the cop (Kurt Russel) count as the dreams too. Anyway, the very end of the movie is where the guy comes and explains all of this to him. The guy, in reality, works at the company that is keeping him asleep, and is stepping into his dreams to prevent him from going crazy, since he can't seem to have pleasant dreams. And, that's basically it. Watch it again and it will make sense.

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    This movie is actually a remake of a foreign film called "Open Your Eyes." Interestingly enough, that movie also starred Penelope Cruz too in the same role.

    I never saw Vanilla Sky, but I did see Open Your Eyes. Basically, the main character was in a horrible disfiguring accident and is placed into some sort of dream like state where he lives his life without the horrible disfigurement. Think of this like the people did in the Matrix movies. However the alternate reality in this movie is not perfect, and his mind can't quite fit into it, because it knows he was disfigured.

    Eventually, he figures out what happens and makes the choice to re-awaken himself instead of continue living a dream like fantasy.

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    OKay I'll try, see Tom Cruises Character was A wealthy publishing tycoon He meets the women of his dreams Played by Penelope Cruz. Unfortunately his jealous lover played by Cameron Diaz finds out and confronts him while she's driving like A PSYCHO, of course that doesn't mix well and BOOOM accident, Cruise's character David comes away from the accident horribly disfigured, see Davids has lots of money so he decides to be frozen, because there is only so much they can do for him (operations on his face in his time). To be awakened in the future when the technology catches up, but the catch is whlie he was frozen problems ocurred, plus his money was running out, when I say problems his pleasant sleep became NIGHTMARE!!!!! Worked out in the end because he wanted to live again and they were able to fix his face....

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    Ok folks, 5 years later and I just realized that none of you are correct. The movie is an ultimate "chick revenge flick". Go back to every morning when he wakes up..his alrm clock is a pre-recorded message of Cameron Diaz's voice, telling him "to wake up". Cut to his character having awake dreams of Cameron's and Penelope's changing or morphing,why did that happen? The answer was given to you by the man who worked for the dream place, he said it was a gitch they had fixed..hello the glitch was that Tom's and Cameron's character's both went to the dream center, with the fact that Cameron had lost her man, she tried to kill them both,remember now she is dead and her dream person is Tom...his dream person is Penelope. That caused an incomplete fushion, so the girl shifted in and out. Cut to the end...he is given a choice,of course, he chooses the future and being poor, thinking he can start anew, he awakes and you here the wake really is Cameron's character waiting fro him to awake...BAM chick revenge.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    While it had its moments...I think (It's been quite some time since I've seen it), it seems to be just another Cruise music but with a Crowe soundtrack. Maybe I liked the soundtrack? Not sure. But no. Not a good movie.

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    Can someone explain the movie "Vanilla Sky" to me?

    okay i watched the movie a couple nights ago and Like, i don't get ANY of it, and neither does my friends who watched it with me. all we know is that tom cruise is the guy who has the deformed face and the one that looks like, well, himself.

    sooo can anyone explain it...

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