Has anyone ever done there taxes DD and had it put into a Military bank account with Bank of America?

If that does not make since, I mean Military banking at bank of america. I want to know how long it took to post to your account,was it the day they said or that tuesday?

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    Community Bank is run by Bof A under contract with DOD. Not sure if they process in real time or batch process at end-of-day. BofA doesn't commingle Community Bank accounts with their own so BofA's procedures may not apply to Community Bank. If they process in real time your refund should be available the same day that it posts. If they batch process then it typically won't be available until the beginning of the next banking day which will be Feb 2nd.

    Source(s): Retired military.
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    look at page 16 of the book military Advantage.. inventing in a com bate zone is none taxable... the dd form is when the military put the money in the thrift saving plan.... be careful us dod hastily has been cutting an running out on commitment's's... usely the royalty rights's come in Direct deposit... like the $1,500,000.00 per copy of rocket usage..

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