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What are your all time favorite most liked top 20 lifetime movies that you just have to watch again & again?

My mom loves Lifetime movie network and I am not a female but I do love watching movies on that channel as well as the original lifetime channel(41) I find the movies that come on on LMN to be always interesting and real,here are my favorite LMN movies,you can list 20 or less or as many as you like.

1)Not Like Everyone Else

2)The Matthew Shepard Story

3)Dolores Claiborne

4)A Girl Like Me

5)Eloise At Christmastime

6)A Carol Christmas


8)Boys Don't Cry

9)Call Me Claus


11)Deck The Halls

12)Devils Diary

13)For The Love Of A Child

14)Glass House The Good Mother


16)Mr St.Nick

I have many life time movies.

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    1. Pulp Fiction

    2. V For Vendetta

    3. The 40 Year Old Virgin

    4. The Texas Chainsaw Masacre (original)

    5. Breakfast at Tiffany's

    6. Alice in Wonderland (the Disney animated one)

    7. Knocked Up

    8. Donnie Darko

    9. The Cell

    10. True Romance

    11. The Science of Sleep

    12. Wanted

    13. Scream

    14. El Orfanato

    15. Burn After Reading

    16. Eagle Eye

    17. Selena

    18. Garden State

    19. Gypsy

    20. Bride of Chucky

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    Mulholland Dr.

    O Brother Where Art Thou

    Session 9

    Fight Club

    12 Monkeys

    Apocalypse Now

    Fire Walk With Me


    kill Bill 1

    Kill Bill 2

    Requiem for a Dream

    Killing Zoe

    The Professional

    Millers Crossing



    At Midnight Ill Take Your Soul

    Dean Man

    A Night on Earth

    The Bicycle Thief

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    Inception i think BQ: What is the movie you've seen most times? 1. Superman, 2. Casablanca, 3. Catch Me If You Can, 4. The Matrix, 5. Back To The Future, 6. MammaMia!, 7. Dr. No, 8. Roadhouse, 9. Groundhog day. There are 100's more, But I could & would watch these over & over...Period ! !

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    she's too young

    odd girl out

    her last chance


    memory keepers daughter

    homeless to harvard

    video voyeur

    she faught alone

    perfect body

    a killer among friends

    the stranger beside me

    girl positive

    for the love of nancy

    Painful Secrets

    lucky girl

    dying to belong


    hysterical blindness(showtime movie but airs on lifetime)

    a friend to die for

    when a friendship kills

    down will come baby

    for my daughters honor

    her only daughter

    and many more....

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