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What is the best sword made.?

I take martial arts. Mainly fencing, kendo, and kenjutsu. To me the best sword has to be the katana. The rapier comes second. The katana is made for slicing off limbs and getting a quick kill. Some swings a sword at u, block with the back the take off their head, leg. arm, what ever. Hollywood makes people think that u block using the blade. NOT TRUE! NO SAMURAI EVER BLOCKS WITH THE BLADE UNLESS HIS LIFE DEPENDS ON IT.

The rapier is second because in a duel, its good. Long, quick and pointy. but in a battle, no. You cant block bigger weapons with it, like u could a katana. But whats you favorite sword?

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    A sword is like any other weapon - it's usefulness is only able to be decided when put into the context of how it would be used. For over a thousand years, the Roman gladius was the ultimate sword due to the tactics that were used to be the most effective. These tactics - a phalanx of men working together in armor with overlapping shields - would ruin any person who used a rapier or a katana.

    During the time that the rapier was developed, it was used like a pistol would be used today - personal self-defense. Sure, for one-on-one duels, it is a superior weapon from the heavy battle swords also used in that time. Against a plate armored opponent(s) it is much less useful. Certainly, the speed of the blade could be used to strike between armor plates - but the inability to turn aside a full force brow from a zweihander would render it useless in that context.

    Yes, the katana is an amazing weapon. The skill required to produce those blades tends to put them into a mystical light. Everyone knows that their iron is folded many, many times to turn it into steel - and this seems to mean that it is superior to all other weapons. But this is not really the case. European swordsmiths (back when Europe still has swordsmiths) also folded their iron into steel. The difference is that Japanese swordsmiths still exist, while European swordsmiths are no longer around.

    Sure, Europeans still make swords, but not for actual battle use anymore - the lessons of previous generations have been lost to us.

    My point being that there can be no "best" sword without the context of how it is to be used. In one-on-one battle with lightly armored foes - the katana is top notch. In one-on-one battles with unarmored duelists, the rapier is amazing. To ignore the other uses of swords and how the design effects the use of that sword in melee and groups dynamics however is a mistake!

    Besides, everyone knows that the best sword ever was the sword that the Kurgan used in Highlander :-)

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    The Samurai Katana sword.

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    katanas are sweet, but a longsword(european) is pretty neat, rapiers not so much. however going back long time along swords, what other weapon has been used everywhere in the world for warfare, AXES!!!, i would rather have a nice battle axe than a sword. however swords are only Superior if used by a superior foe.

    Edit: If your rediculusly strong a nodachi would be cool to use, though they are very heavy so you need to be skilled and strong.

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    I will certainly agree that the Nihonto is the most evolved sword in history, with the most mystique about it. No other culture values it's swords as the Japanese people do. And I might say no one is more vocal about swords than Martial Artists. As far as the 'Best' sword, saying katana is like answering 'best vehicle?' with 'car'.

    My first choice would have to be a Masamune blade with a soshu kitae lamination (seven layer geometry with hard, medium and soft steel)

    What the heck....if you are going to lust after a blade....Go for the best!

    Source(s): Practitioner: Musō Jikiden Eishin-ryū Iaido Shinkage-ryū Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū Juttejutsu Mugai-ryū Iaido
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    The Jedi's lightsabre.

    Failing that, I'll go with the Nodachi sword, the long handle and blade made this 2 handed sword very versatile and able to deliver strong blows

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    The Katana followed by the Scottish Claymore. Highlander anyone?

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    The Katana. You can find numerous books and a discovery channel special on it.

    Deadly Martial Arts - Fight Science

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    Spanish Infantry Saber. Light, a very slight curve, but with a strong enough base for good parrying.

    But the coolest?

    The Urumi or the Dacian Falx.

    Source(s): I do collegiate fencing. Just won my first MAFCA bout.
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    SAMURAI SWORDS ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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