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Whats the best country to do a foreign exchange for 10th grade in ?

i want to do a foreign exchange program in 10th grade [year 2010-2011] for a year.

i found a company that i like very much but they have so many countries to choose from im not sure which one is best.

my top 4 are:





but they have ALOT more so heres the link:

please help, if youve ever been to one of those countries or something ive never been out of america so i dont know basically anything about this kind of thing.


i really like nice/warm weather,thats just a little thing though i can deal with cold weather.

Update 2:

i can speak italian,french,spanish and im a very fast learner of other lanquages

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    depends a lot on what kind of person you are. Are you adventurous would you like living in a culture very different from yours for several months?

    what are your language skills. Since you did not mention having and other language skills I would say English would be the only one you speak.

    Not knowing the native language well could make you feel isolated if you had few people to talk to for so long. Do you pick up on foreign languages quickly if so that might be enough.

    Had a friend go to school Japan in 11th grade. They liked it and had many good experiences with it.

    Recently my son met a girl at his high school from France and she was depressed because she did not know the language very well. My son learned how to ask her to dance in French and couple of other phrases, she was happy to have someone try to talk to her in her French but there were few other times that people did this. English is more widely spoken around the world but 3 of the countries you mentioned people would not speak it as well as their native tongue or at all.

    if you are someone who can be comfortable doing new things, trying new foods and pick up on languages well you could go to any of the 4 places you mention Australiatralia would be the closest in culture and English is their language as well.

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    I was an exchange student to Denmark -- I didn't know a word of Danish before I went there. After a year, I was fairly fluent..and 20 years later, I can still communicate the basics. At the time, I had studied Spanish in high school so it was a bit similar to your situation. (After studying in Denmark, I later studied in Austria...and having learnt Danish, I was able to guess at a lot of German because the languages have some similiarites). Once you study one language, it's easier to study new languages because you learn how to learn a language and can see patterns, common roots, etc. I think it's important that you live somewhere where you will learn another language so rule England out. Living with host families are a great way for that immersion (if you're in a dorm or apartment you may migrate toward other exchange students or not mingle enough with locals to pick up language and culture). Likewise, being in smaller cities or towns will probably show you more of the culture than a capital city (and less people will speak English so you will have to use your language skills!) If you can, I'd suggest a full year rather than semester since most of my fellow exchange students regreted not having planned to stay the full year. Being an exchange student can be tough but it will teach you a lot about yourself and the world around you...and definitely will give you a better sense of independence to strive out in the world. I had a hard time but looking back it was a great thing to have done. If you enjoy Spanish, you can also consider going somewhere in Central or Latin America like Argentina, Peru, etc...loads of great countries to consider. Or, having studied a romance language, it will be easier for you to study French, Italian or Portuguese if you want to make a switch but have a head start. German is probably more useful than Italian in the long run, for whatever that's worth. I think Italian is an easier language to learn. The most important thing is that you want to learn it so pick a country or language that fascinates you since that alone will inspire you more than 'having' to learn a language that you really don't care about, or living in a place you don't like....

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    Come to South Africa!!! :) Its always warm and sunny.. only cold now and then and when it is im sure that it isnt as cold as america at all!

    We are English speaking but Afrikaans is compulsory so you'll learn a new langauge, it's very similar to Dutch.. and if you want theres Xhosa maybe Zulu... and a whole other 11 official langauges.. depends on where you go.. you'll love it here Im sure... the people are very friendly and we are rich in culture i assure you.. try Cape Town, Port Elizabeth or East London.. google those.. I stay in PE. :) Im in 11th grade currently.

    Goodluck. :)

    Source(s): I Live in SA duh...
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