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Can somebody please explain why people think "pit bull" is a breed and why they are so hated?

I truly cannot fathom what would make somebody think they have a right to tell me what type of dog I am allowed to own. If you want an over sized rat dog, fine. But, don't tell me my American Staffordshire Terrier is a vicious animal. He's not. He has never hurt anyone. Or another animal. If he's so aggressive and unpredictable, how am I still alive? I won't go into a full tirade because I don't want to be too rude. But, I can't help but sob when I see websites like Why do people want to kill my dog? Ignorant people have destroyed the "nanny dog" name for bully breeds. People used to let their "pit bulls" babysit their children! Helen Keller had a pit bull. Why didn't it eat her? Because dogs don't just bite people for no reason. Dogs bite out of fear. If you know the signs, bites are 100% preventable. And, "pit bull" is not a registered breed unless you live in England. The AKC doesn't recognize such a breed, therefore it is non-existent. People make me so angry. Can someone help me understand why people are so cruel? This is actually sort of a rhettorical question as I am expecting a few people to try to convince me to save my six-year-old siser from the "vicious mongrel" lurking and waiting to attack. Please *rolls eyes*. I actually do know about "pit bull" type dogs and would consider myself something of an expert. I just want to know the ideas of others. Somebody give me a reason to not trust my best friend.


Oh my freaking goodness. Did any of you actually read my question? Poin out to me where I said "AKC is God". I said that unless you're in England, it is not a breed. And yes, dog bites are completely preventable. I am referring to people who have other people's dogs euthanized because an irresponsible owner trained their dog for dogfighting. Diseases are an exception. If all you have to tell me are nasty things, butt out.

Update 2:

If the question isn't worded the way you think it should be...Don't answer it.

Update 3:

Okay, I know my dog. I don't need an explanation of what an AST is. I know. Thanks. Got it.

Update 4:

Yes, "Cristen B"(?) I do know all about that. I do have the answers to all my questions. I know why Americans think they have purebred "pit bulls". I know why they're hated. I wanted to see if anyone else agreed with me. They do. If anyone read the question they wouldn't be so freaked out about me saying the pit bull is not a breed. Because where I live, America, it's not. In the UKC, which isn't God either, it is. Read the f-ing question before you post your BS answer.

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    Ignorance is bliss. You show one scary incident and people freak out. They don't take the time to research the breed or to look at one specific dog. They just lay judgment.

    There are horrible people out there who train (and don't take the time to train) dogs of ALL breeds to do bad things. Keeping a large, dominant breed and not providing it with leadership and training from a young age can be just as detrimental as training one to attack.

    The bully breeds were singled out because they were owned by trash and taught to kill, plain and simple. People aren't willing to take the chance that they all aren't like this. Those of us who own pits and pit mixes know differently.

    I own a Pit mix and a GSD. My in-laws swear that the GSD is going to eat our children. They don't want anything to do with him, won't hardly look at him, let alone touch him when they come to visit. I think it is sad. Yet one of them owns a terrier that has bitten three people in the 5 months she has been adopted. She's nasty and fearful and quite a mess, but it's okay 'cause she's little and doesn't know any better. The GSD is big and goofy and all about getting petted and played with. He has no idea that he's 80lbs and can't understand why you don't want him in your lap all the time. Yet, even as they watch him lay outside the bedroom door and watch over "his girls", he's still a killer and will for sure get them one of these days.

    Who knows why people think the stupid things they do. No worries, you know you have a great dog and that is all that matters.

    Best of luck to you.

    Source(s): vet tech 13 yrs.
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    The APBT *is* a breed, The AKC is not the God if all Kennel Clubs or breeds, it does not recognize HUNDREDS of founded and breed-true breeds of dogs.

    You have no idea what you're talking about- either. Dogs do NOT always bite out of fear, and bites are not always 100% preventable. There are many genetic disorders and illnesses that cause bites (Hypothyroidism is one).

    Dogs can bite people for (what appears to be) no reason. Unprovoked attacks are far more prominent than provoked attacks. A provocation can be something as small as a sneeze or as big as opening a door. It depends on the individual dogs trigger.

    If you were anything of an expert on the breed (which you are NOT), you would know that. The APBT *BREED* suffers from several genetic and temperamental disorders that cause aggression, hence the massive breed bans because of irresponsible ownership and breeding.

    You have every reason to trust your dog, but you also have every reason to have him temperamentally tested every few years as well as having a blood panel done every year to make sure that he's in check.

    The breed ban is justified in one sense, but wrong in many many more. I would rather see a comprehensive IQ test done prior to anyone being allowed to own this (or any other breed, really) breed of dog.

    Anyone who believes that dogs only bite out of fear is one of the thousands of people who shouldn't own the breed. Do you really think the dogs that bite toddlers are biting out of fear? Or because an irresponsible owner left an unstable dog around their newborns?

    Source(s): American Pit Bull Terrier owner, foster, rescue worker, rehabilitator, and trainer. Owner and Founder of Patient Paws Rescue-- a rescue which works exclusively with aggressive and neglected APBTs.
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    I agree with Lokie. Your AST is what I consider to be the front runner of the APBT. There is much controversy over this but I view your dog as the same Mr. Millan's Pits, Daddy and Junior. This is my opinion only and I get confused about the differences as many other people do.

    The AST is shorter in the legs, stout and doesn't usually weigh over 50 pounds. Where I see the APBT has having longer legs and weighing up to 70 lbs. I am not even recognizing the 'monster' dogs who are bred poorly, are cross bred with other large dogs and come out with over-sized heads, chests and are so muscled they can hardly walk with those bowed legs.

    I can feel your frustration. I just adopted an APBT from a rescue and one of my good friends just adopted one from the SPCA.

    I love both the AST and APBT. And I cannot give you one good reason not to trust your best friend.

    And all I can say about people being so cruel is we (humans) are the most dangerous species on this earth. Not the dogs.

    Source(s): 9 dogs and one is a loving, giving, sweet American Pit Bull Terrier.
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    The american Pit Bull Terrier is a breed.

    It is recognized by the United Kennell Club

    The American Staffordshire Terrier does fit into the pit bull category

    The thing is there are bad people out there that have used this loyal dog for bad things (Like dog fights) And made these dogs into something they were never supposed to be.

    There is no reason why you shouldn't trust your dog, you know your dog.

    But because of these bad people out there the general public has become less trusting of your breed of choice.

    That is all

    A Pit Bull is more likely to attack another animal than a human.

    But as loyal as they are I guess if they felt there handler was in danger they might attack provoked.

    Pit bulls are known for being dog agressive but not really human agressive

    Source(s): Previously afraid of Pit bulls but then met some and learned about them. They are just like any other breed
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    Here's what I think. Pit bulls and a few other breeds have been known to flip out on their owners or other people. I think that any breed of dog will do that, if provoked enough. I just think that because of the nature of Pit bulls, they are just more capable of doing something like attacking someone. It does happen and dogs have killed children by attacking and its horrible. But people attack people a hell of alot more than dogs attack people, too bad we arent going around banning those people from living here or being around other people.

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    When people don't socialize or train their dog, when they just leave their dog outside in the yard as a guard dog, that's when you get dogs that bite. This is a common problem with all guarding breeds. People buy a mean looking dog to protect them and then spend no time with it whatsoever. Eventually the dogs get the blame for people's stupidity. So I totally agree with you. If you spend time teaching your dog, you need not worry about it suddenly turning psycho. Over here in South Africa we are having the same problem with Boerboels. They are big, mastiff type dogs with a bad rep because people don't train or socialize them. I bought one anyway and she is the best dog I have ever owned! :)

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    im from england so im going to say thier a breed otherwise they would be a mutt. the jack russel isnt a reconised breed but its still got its own breed even if they look slightly different you know what your getting.

    as a bull terrier owner these dogs need to be kept on a short leash cus frankly they shouldnt be aloud out in public, ok every dog is different and yours might be loving but remember they were bred for there prey drive and power and were used to take down wild boar and other dangerous animals over twice the size of itself

    just remember what you'v got. a powerful, prey driven dog

    here in england farmers who had bulls always had a bull terrier with them and if they sensed a threat that was it....

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    The Pit we had (had as in she passed away, not attacked someone and had to be put to sleep) would drop to the floor if you spoke too loud. She helped raise husky pups, helped raise me :P never growled or snapped or snarled at ANYTHING. It's all in how you raise a dog. It could be any dog that mauled an infant. It's happened, some small dog like a pomeranian or something killed a small child. Notice I don't remember the breed because it does not matter. What matters are the assholes that raise violent, over-protective, killing dogs.

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    People often choose ignorance over truth. It's just easier. (Look at the huge number of people who were willing to put their country in danger voting for a presidential ticket that included an uninformed, uneducated, vindictive, arrogant, right-wing wacko-bimbo of a woman in the vice-presidenial slot!)

    Dogs are what their experiences (mostly with humans) make them. No more, no less. Pit Bulls and other dogs are not innately vicious or dangerous. Some of them are made that way by outside forces. Most of them are wonderful, beautiful pets and human companions.

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    Actually-- a REAL pitbull, which is an AMERICAN "PIT BULL" TERRIER IS a breed.

    If you're something of an expert then-- then you'll know ALL ABOUT the tenacious temperaments, the liklihood of aggression towards dogs and other prey animals, the bad breeding, which also creates temperament problems, and the importance of socialization.

    And if you're something of an expert-- you'll know what a disaster these dogs CAN be... if not handled properly.

    So if you knew all this, then you'd have the answer to your questions.

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