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i keep have really bad stomach achs please help..?

okay so last night i had a really bad stomach ach aand i felt like iwas going to puke really bad but i couldnt but it went away and today i have i really bad stomaach ach and i went home from school but now i fell a little better... is this like the flu or something bc i have not been pucking and the only problem is, is that my stomach hurts really bad

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    Try taking some pepto and eating some toast boath usually help with different problems and if you don't know whats wrong its a good bet. If food makes it worse you should stay away from it tho because you will most likely have a stomach flu

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    I get stomach aches ALL the probablly have a virus or you just ate something that made your stomach hurt. if it doesnt get better in a few days go to the doctor.

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