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Spanish double object pronouns?

Hello its me again needing more Spanish help. I have a hard time with double object pronouns so id appreciate some help with these sentences.

la enfermera nos puso la inyeccion.


El camarero me recomendo el plato principal.

Ana le leyo los libros a el.

Tu le llevaste la comida a ellos.

me diste los discos a mi.

Once again Thanks.


yeah theyre all correct because theyre not changed. I have to change them into the IO+DO+verb form.

Update 2:

I Love You. lol I owe you one.

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    Ok sorry i misundertood you. So here i go:

    La enfermera nos la puso

    El camarero me lo recomendó

    Ana se los leyó

    Tú se la llevaste

    Me los diste a mí

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  • 4 years ago

    ¿Quién te compró esos zapatos para ti? Mi tio me los compró para mi. the different sentence has 2 pronouns already--quiénes and les. is this what you needed? Que Dios le bendiga a usted.

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