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Is it true Israel’s Lie?

click on this and let me no if its true or false

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    Israel has the most sophisticated propaganda system in the world (as you can see by the brainwashed individuals posting above me). Their decision to ban all foreign journalists from Gaza was part of this operation.

    Israel thinks that if they repeatedly use the word 'terrorist' and shout 'what about the human shields?' non-stop, the world will side with them and justify their complete abuses of the human rights of every-day Palestinians.

    The unbiased people of the world see the Palestinians as just as human as Israelis, fortunately, and justify neither attacks on Israel or Gaza.

    Israel lies repeatedly and has done in the past, so I have no doubt that they will lie again.

    Source(s): History. FYI my great-grandfather was a zionist and a founder of Israel. He was also a liberal, a political stance extinct in modern day Israel.
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    Hamas is basically a terrorist organization who is bound and determined to fight Israel. Israel has proven that they are willing to do what it takes in an effort to protect their citizens.

    If you think that Hamas has provoked Israel into action, then you don't know much about the history of Israel or its enemies.

    Do not believe everything the media feeds you. Do your own research and by research I don't mean via material put out by the media either.

    Even if it were the case, tell me you would not lie to protect the lives your family and friends if it came down to it?

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    Well thats complete trash.

    It makes claims that the whole news media is wrong... except they have proof, first hand accounts, and a paper trail.

    It's claims are unsubstantiated.

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    360,I don't have to read anything to know it's true.Yes it's true.Same lie over and over.

    Source(s): life
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    Its the hamas that lies.Its not against thier relegion.

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    lol...this article was written be a palestinian...isreal should have destroyed every single living thing in is the ONLY way for them to live in peace. the palestinians are cockroaches.

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    the article is absolutely true

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