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what does google desktop do?

what does google desktop do?

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    Google Desktop, available from , has multiple functions.

    The most well-known function of Google Desktop is the search functionality. Google Desktop will index your hard drive's contents and offer a search box on your desktop which you can use to quickly search through the drive.

    If you run Windows, the search box can be made into a Deskbar, which is a small search box in your taskbar. It can also be a Floating Deskbar, which allows you to place a search box anywhere on your desktop.

    However, a popular feature of Google Desktop is the sidebar view, which provides you with a sidebar where you can place all sorts of gadgets. [ ] This is similar to Windows Vista's sidebar, but provides a wider range of gadgets.

    It also has a Quick Search Box (tap CTRL twice in succession to search your hard drive fast), integrates with the popular Microsoft Outlook software, can integrate into much more software and search extra file types with indexing plugins - - and can add a "results stored on your computer" entry to your ordinary Google Search results pages.

    Google Desktop is a great all-round desktop search tool which is good for people running Windows XP who want an easier way to search their desktop, Windows Vista users who want Google's unmatched power when searching their desktop, and Linux users too.

    There have occasionally been privacy concerns around Google Desktop, but Google assures that it does not allow anyone to access your search index - including Google themselves - without your permission. Go to if you have any questions. If you're really paranoid, you can also read more about the supposed privacy risks (and how you can turn the options that create them off) at .

    I hope my answer has been of some help. (:

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    google desktop allows you to put a google tool bar on your start bar

    this way your can type th websites you want without having to go on the internet

    you still need the internet though so don't delete it!!

    hope that helped! ^_^

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