Has anyone seen at your school a green book titled Life Science with a mother and baby Jaguar?

Has anyone seen at your school a green book titled "Life Science" with a picture of a mother and baby Jaguar? In case you see it, on page 34, it teaches about meat in unrefrigerated jars, 2 are open; 2 are 'tightly' sealed; and 2 are covered with netting, and it shows the results after several days. On the other page at the bottom is a tree cactus growing on a shore of a lake. These are just connections. The part I want to know about is on a page I don't remember the number. Seen on 1 page are at least 2 images with information about each. 1, a woman in maroon practicing yoga; another sitting on a chair holding something in her hand while wearing some kind of goggles. I want to know what it tells about those 2 things, including what they have in common, or what they experience that is similar to each other. I would also like to know information about the book, like published by, etc, so I might find it easier on the internet to read the rest of the book.

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