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這封email很重要,關於我之後讀書的事,所以我真係想英文很很好的朋友可以幫我,thank you

對不起,很耐才回覆你的email,我昨天和sister wong用電話聯絡過,知道你們有心想幫我到美國讀書,其實我也裊想去,但我實在不知道要準備甚麼?現在要開始準備,還是再等多一,二個月?有甚麼物品是要買的?始終第一次到外地讀書,裊多事也不知,所以也很迷惘


坦白說,我真是不知如知決定,不知留低在港,一邊讀書,一邊工作;還是到美國先學一年英文,再回港找尋工作;我知道這機會是裊罕有,不是時常可以有這機會發生,但我真不知如何決定,始終如果真是要去,也有很多事要想,要做,我不知應如何說,希望你們明白,再一次多謝你們的幫助,thank you


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    Dear XXX,

    It took me that long to reply to your email. I am really sorry about that.

    I talked to Sister Wong on the phone yesterday and she told me that

    She and you all would really like to help me arrange things for my studies in America.Actually I myself would really love to go there, I just have no clue

    what I should prepare. Should I start working on it or should I wait for

    one or two more months first? Do I need to buy any stuff? Anyway I have never

    studied abroad, that's why I am so confused about everything now.

    I know you guys will come to Hong Kong on Feb 15, but I am not so sure

    if I will be able to get baptized on that day.

    I will talk with President Lee about it next Sat.To be honest,

    I feel like I have lost the power to decide what I should do.

    Should I stay in Hong Kong and work while studying or should I study

    English in the states for a year and then come back to look for a job in Hong Kong?

    I know this is some kind of once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, but I just don't know how to make the right decision.

    If I had to go there, I would have to do and deal with tons of things.

    I am kind of speechless at the moment. I really hope that you all will understand what I am going through.

    Thank you very much for your great help once again.

    Best regards,




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    she and you all would really like to help me arrange

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