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1. What did musicians use before the piano and how did the techniques and sound differ?

2. Why have Scales been developed?

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    The piano was invented during the Classical about 250 years ago. Before the piano was invented people used the harpscihord to play the music. Harpscichord is a keyboard instrument which looks like a piano but only has about 4-5 octaves in keys.It does not has pedals. It is difficult to sound loud or soft. It produces sound by plucking strings by the 'hammers'. But the piano today sounds by striking the strings by the 'hammers'.

    Before the scales was developed the music was used by the 'church modes'. For example, mode of C is formed by CDEFGAB....; mode of E is formed by EFGABCD...Later Bach wrote his music by using major and minor keys in his famous books called the 'Well-Tempered Clavier I & II' . Bach wrote this book by using one major and one minor key in each prelude and fugue. So totally there's 24 Preludes and Fugues in these books-'The Well Tempered Clavier I & II'.

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